Emotional Pause

Some days ~ the world just makes you tired.

Take an emotional well being day.

Photo by Vincenzo Malagoli on Pexels.com

Nurture your own needs. Especially if the social media world is too much. It’s almost always too much.

I can tell by the number of drafts I have sitting in the queue ~ how I want to approach the day.

I’m working on something else so want to give that project my energy.

Love flows where energy goes ~

Here’s to a healthier communication day for all.

One day, they say, you stop quoting others and you begin to write your own

We are not here to be influenced by, pressured, or bullied into adapting our self to the ways of others just to keep the peace or go along with the crowd.

We are here to compete with only ourselves. We are here to live our own life lessons across the life span.

To cultivate the world we want to live in, sometimes, we just have to stay in our own bubble, and work on things the world doesn’t need to know about.

Zig Ziglar quote.

This week in global news, we have witnessed several perfect examples of influential people who are determined to be right, while clearly, misunderstanding ~ or willfully denouncing ~ cultural knowledge of others. Frustrating, right? I think it is.

People. Right? I mean … people are being sooooo ….. human. It’s enough to … go out there and people a little.

For me?

It’s a no bones day baby! 🙂

Even if Noodle is taking a paws (pun intended. See what I did there?) 🙂


@happinessnoir @inkhoneypub


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