If a tree falls in the forest ..

You know the parable. If a tree falls in a forest, and there’s no-one there to hear it, does it make a noise.

Photo by David Selbert on Pexels.com

The logical answer is, of course it does. The philosophical question is to inspire deeper thought.

Some will say no, and mean it all the way to the end of the conversation. Others? Won’t care at all.

The process of critical thinking with emotional intelligence is fluid.

Why, for example, did three times as many people want to follow this blog when it was filled with f’s and kvetching about people?

As soon as I cleaned up the language and message to be more thoughtful, less, sassy (without giving away names, but they knew what they did, that’s enough) ~ those same followers stopped following?

Because today’s social media loves its scandal and gossip. Because people are currently drawn to anything to get their dark side fired up.

The truth is, those trees are falling all over the forest. (Metaphorically)

When I make a Tik Tok talking about women empowerment, five total strangers in heavily masculine pseudo military gear start following me on Instagram.

When I share cats pics, there are hundreds more views. Nothing like the millions of billions of the super star content creators who’ve been doing this for years. How DO they survive the early months/years?

And still,

Society and culture has forever changed from two short years ago. Big search engines are hiring private contractors to help monitor content. That could be good. It could mean that our world is being decided upon by only those who’ve yet to live fully in their adulthood. Even saying that will offend someone.

New trees offer as much potential for growth as those of us who are standing tall ~ we all started out as a seed or nut ~ one day, we are all going to fall. That’s the truth of life.

Then again, being aged out as irrelevant is a hard pill to swallow.

So is the return to rampant misogyny, and yet, here we are.

We encourage people to be “authentic” ~ as long as that also looks like everyone else.

We ask people to stay purposefully conscious of their whole body health, yet, continue to have strong biases against anyone who doesn’t fit the popular mold, even if they are very whole body healthy

Fat shaming is a wild fire ~ few seems to care about. Jamilla with i_weigh is tackling it. .

Even if 70% of the population is considered overweight, there are still medical providers who are awful and rude to people over weight~ as an example.

We won’t even get into racism. That’s a tsunami all by itself.

The generational gaps across the board are highlighted and separated out by their labels to the extent that people really truly believe there are great divides the size of the Grand Canyon.

There aren’t but it’s alluded to, often.

Are the labels to blame or, is it that people who are now turning 30 are the ones who never lived without the internet? I think it’s that. When the net goes out, do the young ones go into the forest?

Speaking of, ~ um, “Forest bathing” ~

We used to call that going outside. Or, going for a walk in the woods.

They are bathing in ~ as if they invented it.

The terms used in research 15-20 years ago are now nouns and verbs. So very clever.

And the word “fetch” did make it into the socially accepted lingo for fetchingly awesome. Tina Fey should be proud.

My generation is stuck right smack in the middle of everyone else’s trends. Childhood was in the 70’s. Everyone romanticizes that now, but it was gross, smelly, dirty and ugly. The color pallets used for everything from polyester clothes, a middle schooler’s worst deodorant nightmare to the furniture. Orange and brown people. Mustard yellow, orange, puke green and brown.


I’m glad that at least one major research company recognizes that the younger boomers are nothing like the older boomers. I was born in ’64 so practically a Gen X. They seem to be having the most fun right now.

I’m getting caught up. There is a world of people out there ~ I’m following content creators on several platforms just to hit that refresh button on syntax, lingo, pathos and ethos tone that’s conveyed beyond the snappy fun stuff.

I purposefully ignore some ~ there’s no logical reason to give them oxygen in my space. But I embrace learning about others with open arms.

Back to the metaphor

So what about the tree? Does it make a sound if we are not there to hear it?

Of course it does~ The tree and the forest are not there exclusively for our purpose or entertainment.

The trees in the forest are an intricate system that has nothing to do with our egotistical need to believe that nothing exists outside of ourselves. The tree is a living, breathing thing unto itself.

When humans realize that we also need the tree to believe in us as much as we need to be part of the tree’s experience ~ that’s when human will thrive.

As long as any of us has the attitude that we have to bear witness to the evolution of a thing that existed for millennia prior to our existence in order for it to exist ~ well, then we are still evolving ~ conscious awareness has yet to be fully embraced.

That’s it. Back to writing in hopes to learn how to turn a verb into a noun without it sounding too much like some yipsters existential crisis.

OH ~ and to truly stick to the philosophy of being 100% authentically one’s self is the greatest act of courage in our world today.

It takes titanium nerve with a very clear compass to embrace our truth, and mean it. Regardless of who is reading and watching us work.



@happinessnoir @inkhoneypub


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