What are we becoming?

It’s not popular to speak one’s mind without fame and money to back up the freedom of speech concept.

Photo: My little pond near the town that could be in a Hallmark movie.

Education is being dismissed in the media in lieu of google self help classes?

The topic of carrying guns has become our national debate? Instead of the health of our children? What?

People walking around on the streets carrying very dangerous weapons in a protest of THEIR rights, while the rest of the world walks around scared of those people ’cause let’s face it, that’s crazy.

The media is intentionally dividing us into categories, but instead of realizing that, the masses are participating in it. Why?

Our citizens are all policing each other online while also exonerating themselves of any flaws ~ but in a stalker, creepy way. How is it that nobody is offended by that?

We are replicating the Middle Ages in our mob attacks.

People are turning in droves toward psychics, yet still hesitant to talk about needing or seeing therapists.

These are just a few examples of the dark side of happiness.

ALL of these things fire people up which in turn, makes them very happy.

People are feeling connected to a movement, a purpose, and finding meaning in things that are really hurting other people. Their justification is that they are helping the planet.

Exact opposites on any and all of the above are openly saying the exact same things from their own lens on the world.

Social science researchers should be having a field day with all of this.

All things posted online are also free research for some academic somewhere. They can legally scoop up whatever you say, or write online unless you expressly declare that you don’t give permission for your online life to be scrutinized.

Cussin’ online is the least of our worries these days.

The flip side of that?

Living a simple life, savoring the moment can bring all the self empowerment you will ever need.

Loving the feeling of just watching the day go by while sitting on the front porch with people you love.

Enjoying a long walk by yourself, knowing that the “big problems” mentioned in the media, are not as big as we make them.

Remembering to step away from the ‘news’ outside of a limited time limit.

Disconnecting from all the trauma and drama really does help your mental health.

Playing around with your dog, your kids, your friends or whomever it is you spend time with where you can be wholly yourself.

In truth, the snippets we see online are programmed to trick us into thinking that everyone is experiencing chaos.

And anger

And hate

And … fear.

We’re not. The world is the world, with or without the social media.

Where’s your favorite get away from it all place?

I’m thinking about the charm of Bryant Park in New York City, of Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, of Seattle Seaport in Washington. The walk along the long road out of town in my old small town, where I could feel a part of the town.

Everyone has a somewhere.

That place is NOT … anywhere that makes you feel awful about the world.

The energy we invite into our lives is the energy that creates the world we are each living in.

Here’s to your days away from social media.


@happinessnoir @inkhoneypub


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