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I’ve thought about this a lot lately. I’ve been blogging since 2011. It’s time to make some $$ with it.

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I wasn’t around anybody who realized that blogging was a thing for a long while. I had read an article about “finding your tribe” back then, only to get slammed (and mocked) for the tribe concept. Even though it had been published in a major book in 2007 (I read it a bit after that) by Rebecca Sparrow.

I didn’t follow the ‘formula’ like Jenn Mann who writes, “People I Want to Punch in the Face” (my favorite mommy blogger). Today, I love following The House of Hargrove, a home decor blogger turned interior decorator in Texas. We all know about Magnolia and the Gaine’s success.

I didn’t have a tribe. So wrote about it while going through a divorceapocolypse while trying to defend a dissertation. My life blew up. People were entertained by that. In an insidious, malicious way, they were gleefully gossiping. It hurt. It was too much, but … they didn’t care.

I clearly was not in my tribe. Or circle. Or … world[view].

If I had to do life over again, I would have moved to the beach, but we can’t go back. We can only start over. Everything is there to be. To teach us something? That’s what they say.

Naw. I don’t buy it. Of course we learn from it all, but that doesn’t mean we signed up for it.

Where was I?

OH yeah …. the idea of writing content or copy for others for hire.

This has everything to do with breaking out of a mindset that no longer serves your life.

I was in a loop for … sad as it is … 30 years. Like that time Percy Jackson went to the nightclub with his friends, where they were encouraged to eat the lotus flower candy.

They lost themselves for much longer than they realized.

That happens. It’s happened 100-fold to many of us over the past two years.

And it’s been almost exactly two years for those of us in the States. I remember hearing about the beginning of the virus from my European friends on this day, two years ago.

By March 11th, it was in the States. I remember exactly where I was. It was my birthday and my big treat? I took myself to a Wegman’s ’cause I really liked that grocery store and wanted to shop. I bought the toilet paper bulk roll (like 24 of them?) to be funny.

It ended up not as funny, but that day did flip a switch.

I had been in a town, a relationship, a friendship, a job that made me miserable. WHY was I teaching positive psychology professionally, but miserable personally?

I had all the answers, but none of the answers.


Like every good researcher, explorer, woman on the edge of an Eat, Pray, Love moment, I shifted everything.


None of us knew we were heading into a marathon. Most of us had not trained for it. Some of us died. I know too many who died. I’m sure you do to. The world flipped upside down, sliding in to home plate sideways.

I decided to be on a quest to find my tribe. I just didn’t realize they would be a couple of cats. Or the silent soul inside my own head.

That’s where I unpacked. Eighteen months ago.

I moved to the mountains to become a bit of a monk ~ meditating ~ soul searching ~ appreciating ~ discovering.

It’s been a full ride of healing. A lot of unpacking.

I learned more about myself in the past almost two years, then 55.

You don’t know when you’re going to heal. You do know that you know once you’ve graduated.

No pomp. No circumstance.

Just a quiet little “there you go” whispered in your own thoughts.

Just ~ me. Healed.

While I was focused within, it seems that everyone else is out there. Selling their expertise. Opening up new shops, and courses, or trauma informed something or other.

We all have side gigs now. Well, many do.

I learned about the world with intention.

Here are Five things that happened that sent me further into the mountains:

  • I felt very angry at a lot of things that happened and people who continued to be asshats. Self healing was calling.
  • I was approached … a LOT … by various psychics and mediums who asked me if they could do a reading for me. An uncomfortable number of them. In tandem ~ people I very much respected in the psychology field, were openly mocking and laughing at psychics and the Wiccan community.

**Here’s why that is so problematic. We are in the judgement-free business. The purpose of psychology is to meet people where they are, without our own belief systems forming our opinions for us. I didn’t see the problem with people who were practicing what they believed to be true. I did have a HUGE problem with the hypocrisy of someone in the psychology industry making fun of people**

3. My dog got really sick last September. He was sixteen so I knew it was coming. He passed away in November. My pets are my family. I was already still grieving over the loss of those I couldn’t save. Grief is real. Grief is an asshole. But it is what it is, so I had to step back to allow that to happen.

**There’s also the eyes-wide-open realization at how different states treat dogs and dog owners**

4. Speaking of learning about the world by being in it. I traveled the entire eastern seaboard several times. About 10,000 miles worth of experiences. There’s a lot to unpack there too.

5. The most obvious one. The biases, the prejudices, the bigotry, the new divide between those who are creating boxes for everyone in a single grouping as if we are only one thing.

Unboxing is the main theme.

That’s what I’ve been doing. Unboxing the impact of who we are as a culture and how completely unaware some people are of the lives and experiences of others.

In truth?

We are all the same and yet, all so very different.

It’s hard to hold that without a wider audience.

That’s why I thought I’d expand the writing.

It’s not profitable. Or, sustainable without income flow.


I’m opening my professional doors to ghost writing as a content creator.

I know some stuff.

I’ve seen some stuff.

I’ve lived the experience like a good qualitative researcher should.

I mean, if you saw the number of years, and tears I spent on higher education graduate work infused with my endless curiosity about all topics, you’d know that I know how to look for stuff.

Women my age were taught a very long time ago not to talk about money.

It’s usually women who are left out to dry financially after a domestic violence or single parenthood, or climbing the corporate ladder.

I was all of the above.


I talk about money.

A lot.

And I’m not afraid of words.

None of them.

The only people afraid of words are people who weaponize them or are triggered by them. Both are possible.

Okay, now I’m off to stitch this to a Medium post followed by an Elephant Journal post. Both @inkhoneypub

There is more than one way to spend an education in research and psychology. Let’s see how it goes.


@happinessnoir @inkhoneypub

If you’re looking for a content creator with my particular skills, follow this link to my coaching business.

Henry Healing Dot Com is my calling card.

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