Why write more?

Why ask someone you don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing?


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Okay, just playing ~ seriously though … I am writing across four platforms for a few reasons. Remember, Stephen King says, “Writers write” ~ in his book, On Writing. It’s exercise! Even the BEST writers are writing. I’m not the best. I have to work out.

Also ~

  1. Reach. I have a very small circle. I’m expanding my audience and getting used to writing as a profession, rather than a hobby.
  2. Practice. No matter how much you write, writing is the art of writing. Just like any other career, you have to do a lot of it.
  3. Academic writing is very different than entertainment writing. It’s more formal and full of evidence based 3rd person voice. It’s rigid. Factual, and less … artistic.
  4. Breaking out of a tightly contained container of saying only what’s safe, by gingerly attempting to please everyone is a process. It takes time to flip your brain.
  5. I’ve been a content writer, copywriter, academic writer and fiction writer. Finding my footing in the writing world means engaging with reading the styles and methodology of other writers.

Plus, did you see that reason in #1?

I have very literally just spent two years cultivating social isolation as a choice. I shaved, sculpted and crafted a very very small circle.

I also lived through an enormously toxic, dangerous and traumatizing experience. The people who were hangers on to that, are now gone ~ and the people who were pretending to be supportive by gaslighting my trauma are in the shadows.

I cut an emotional cancer out of my life. I went through some stuff. Today, I’m not only focused on the healing journey for others. I’m on the other side of the healing journey for myself.

Now, let’s get back to that first thing I ask. Why write more?

I decided to write more so potential clients will either see what I have going on ~

Coach clients

Writing clients

Collaborative Co-writers

The more we write, the more we read, the more we have for a portfolio.

Twenty years ago, we were sharing that the average adult was flipping careers around 7-10 times across their adulthood.

Yesterday, I heard a dozen content creators suggest that today … people are flipping their careers every 2-3 years ~ by the time they hit that time when they retire, they’ll have served 25-30 career experiences!

My career has always been:

  1. Career counseling
  2. Mental health counseling
  3. Teaching psychology at the university level
  4. OR, working in the tourism industry

Different places but it was always in the same rural location ~ except for that time I traveled around the country in sales ~ or that other time when I was living in Hawaii ~ or that other time when I lived in NYC, like a regular Carrie Bradshaw, without the shoe fetish.


We live ~ we learn.


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