Are you stuck in the lint trap? A love letter.

There’s a cat on my lap, so I might was well write, while waiting her out.

Every day, a load of laundry. Every day, lint.

It feels like we’re in an infinity loop these days. Laundry. Dishes. Vacuuming. Bills.

Working for one’s self means we are all the things. I actually had organized desk envy yesterday. Not a thing I thought I’d ever say in my lifetime.

Production ~ business end, then house management end, then content end ~ add in a few learning curves and self serve FroYo ~ not yogurt, but frontier of YouTube learning ~ the wheels keep spinning.

I jumped off today to reassess adding in and layering content that all needs a self taught learning curve.

The cats have been very clingy and their fur is everywhere.

Is it winter? Is it spring? Winter? Spring?

Yes. It has been both, so they shed.

Winter allergies layering up on the first world problems.

The other?

Creating content but not having a clear initiative on WHAT content I want to deliver. I am convinced that I saw the super organized work-from-home image as a reminder. It was also too much and made me wonder about …






Yes. Joy. It’s part of the mission statement. Honestly though? A “B” brained ‘would rather be painting’ sort of person such as myself, has a hard time focusing on the business end of the sticking it out.

Not all home based businesses OR work from home businesses were created equally.

We didn’t alter our personality to fit the model. The whole point of this Great Restructuring was to fit the business into our personality. Not the other way around.

Creative people ~ Writers ~ Artists ~ are you okay?

Even though we have shifted our focus, we are STILL living in the “A” brain, analytical, task oriented world.

We are still following the matrix, the charts, the organizing apps, and the technology. Some artists have mastered it, others have not.

Holy crud but every time I get online to talk up what I do for a living, it seems that I get a dozen offers of “teachers” and “master classes” being thrown at me … in MY area of expertise.


Is that a thing? Or, is it we’re all just navigating ~ either way, the image of Leonardo and Emma in the ocean in the movie Titanic comes to mind. Everyone’s just trying to survive.

I want to walk away from what I’ve been doing for these past 25 years, and yet, how can I?

Here’s where the love letter comes in.

(Yes, on Galentine’s & Valentine’s Day which, bTW, were both real and both nothing like the money making red, pink and synthetic chocolate love fest that it is now).

Write one. To yourself. Are you happy? Healthy? Whole? Do you love what you do? Does what you do love you back?

Dear Self,

Photo by How Far From Home on

How are you? Are you enjoying your life? Did you make those changes you wish to see in the world? Are you where you want to be? Have you shifted your mindset to match the image you have of the life you want to live? Is it bringing you joy? Are you at peace, which we all know is more valuable than generalized happiness disorder? Are you wearing your clear glasses? Did you ditch the rose colored glasses so you can clearly see the world? I love you. I have faith in your ability to boss it up. You’ve got this.



And there you go ~

Here’s hoping you are living your life’s meaningful purpose with love and gratitude and realism.

P.S… don’t do laundry today ~ give yourself a day off. Treat your self ❤

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