Superficiality is the Antithesis to Authenticity

Perfect smiling faces.

Deliriously fun and happy couples.

Awe inspiring scenes of radiant joy.

From The Mind’s Journal

Wildly successful young entrepreneurs selling happiness in a bottle to the tune of millions of followers, likes and dollars.

Cats that seem to defy gravity.

I think you get where I’m going with this.

People in every industry, being offered 6 & 7-figure salaries just out of college with no concept how extraordinary that is.

A formula

A strategy

A map

~ Follow the synthetic while claiming authentic ~

Seems as normal as the artificial foods we are eating on the quest for perfection.

Something to think about ~

Play the Game or feel the pain.

Some days ~ it’s just insane.

One house of learning says, “We all know that our intuition is almost always wrong. We have to learn not to listen to it. But, good news. I can sell you a program that will teach you how to skirt around it so you can be better at being human.”

Another house of learning says, “You must tap into your intuition. It’s there as part of your whole body. It’s there for a reason, so you much listen to your thoughts before you can correct them. What is your sixth sense telling you. It’s a survivor’s life line to avoiding trauma.”

Yet another? “Your intuitive self is a portal to your ancestral DNA programming that sends messages to your brain. Some are your thoughts. Others are the impulses and intuition from your genetics or past lives. You must honor your ancestors, but also honor yourself. Choose to live authentically.”

All three houses believe their theory to be absolutely true. All have substantial evidence to prove their theory. All three are convinced that they are right. Each mocks the other, instead of taking a step back to think about the other from the other side of the mirror.

We are all creating, but who is doing the thinking. Which isolated simple life genius is in their cabin, minding their business, with all the secrets of the world, already solved, but nobody listened to them.

So they retreated back into the comfort of a minimalist’s life with their dog.

The world demands that we ~

  1. Look healthy, strong (thin) and fit.
  2. Appear to have wealth (they call it abundance)
  3. Align with beautiful people who are wildly successful.
  4. Cultivate an allure that provokes outward joy and happiness.
  5. Laugh out loud, even if you are suffering inside, unless you can afford to be yourself.
  6. You must be able to afford to be authentic if you are sad. Nobody is interested in listening to suffering poor people who aren’t beautiful or don’t dress well.
  7. There are high stakes in those who ask for help. They better also be grateful and prove their gratitude.
  8. It doesn’t matter if you were traumatized by a horrific event or life. What matters is that you openly share your personal pain in trade for approval ratings.
  9. Confess our bravery in lieu of sympathy or empathy, unless you also are struggling with a mental health issue. Then, you must be wealthy or beautiful if you want to talk about that unpleasant truth.
  10. Be happy. Even when we are not.

Those are the road rules of this thunder dome we currently live in.

So which is it?

Isolated? Alone? True to yourself, sacrificing all others.


Synthetically Joyful to put others at ease in trade for fame and popularity.

It’s a tough choice.


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