Masters in Their Field ~ Stay Curious

Several times, I’ve noticed that people LOVE to comment or offer advice, opinion, or how THEY would do something ~ before either reading what you’ve written OR< reading only to a certain point, then, reacting.

Aunt Francis knew the truth of the world. If only we can all be more like her.

How many of you read past the 1st 300 words?

The average blog was about 500 words a few years ago. Our attention span has atrophied to around 300 words.

Since I LOVE Industrial/Organizational Psychology ~ I’m always drawn to culture ~ work culture ~ thriving culture ~ systems culture ~

For example (based solely on my interactions with social media experts from these fields & personal experience).


HR Pros brag that they only give a resume ~ 6 seconds at best. You spend HOURS researching and writing that damn thing, but instead of giving you the respect that showing interest in them with your time ~ they are still acting like they are doing YOU a favor.

There are a LOT of HR and career coaches out there teaching people how to ‘trick’ the system.

Do you want to work in a place that tries to force you to ‘trick’ their system?

Do you love the idea that while side gigs are on the rise, companies are still going back channel to spy on your past?

Do you think it’s okay to make assumptions about what you were going to write, by injecting their words into your voice?

I’ve been writing on Elephant Journal and Medium, in addition to here.

  1. Exposure was one reason.
  2. Different messages all streaming from my one big fat career experience. The other reason.
  3. A third? I’m going to ghost write on Fiverr (waiting to get my W-2 confirmed). Diversify your talents and assets, right?

4. The forth reason is ~ you have to pay your dues to get a pass into the publishing industry. It’s an antiquated mindset, but it’s still in my brain and slow to leave.

We are self publishing because today, we can.

I follow a writer on YouTube who writes under her own name, and a pen name as part of a duo. She just published her 45th book.

Writing is a business.

I also happen to hold onto my psychology degrees, because ~ as long as my student loan debt is so high, I’m using the information in my brain. Also, I’m obsessed with the purity of understanding humanity (and animal behaviorisms).

Higher Education

Did you know that in the academic world, having a MASTER’s degree is “no big thing” in a room full of PhD’s? And that some medical doctors don’t think that Doctor’s of Philosophy degrees shouldn’t be called doctor? And that doing ALL the work, but not making it to the finish line invites PhD’s in all the fields to tell you that you should be embarrassed to admit you are all but dissertation, even if you finished almost all of it?

While they also work for universities who will hire someone with a bachelor’s degree who is good at finding money “making life long connections’ ~ and then pay them double what the PhD’s are getting paid? As long as those endowments are coming in.

And if you have a very famous parent or parents who can back channel buy your way onto the campus, you don’t really have to work to hard to be considered one of the biggest influences.

Never assume I’m talking about any one person (btw), ’cause it happens all the time ~ everywhere.

I only learned way later in the game that in every other industry ~ they don’t feel that way about education. Who knew!?!

I lived in a bubble. That’s why I’m always talking about breaking out of your bubble.

No matter what the career is ~ I’ve learned about it to the master level. I’m weird like that.

My passion is understanding intrinsic motivation of systems.

On medium and Elephant Journal ~ if we pay a membership, we have a better chance at being seen by more readers. Right now, I’m a rookie. The EJ calls my work “grassroots” ~ they have to gate keep. I imagine now more than ever ~ that takes up more than 1/2 their time.

On Linkedin, I’ve had people instantly comment or share, but never actually READ what I wrote. I can tell by their comment. I haven’t figured Linkedin out yet. I’ve heard from MANY writers that it’s just not a place for writers.

Then again, I’m still TikTokking and KNOW that’s a different sort of place. I have learned a LOT about the world in my algorithm cultivated learning curve. Love the young PhD’s ~ a bunch of badasses ~ they break so many stereotypes … I’m excited to learn where they take it.

But then, I circle back to Hemingway (I always circle back to writers who lived and wrote before the internet) and Anne Rice. Hemingway was brilliant ~ boring (imo) but brilliant. Anne Rice was brilliant. She introduced me to Vampires. SO much psychology based think tanking in that.


Master teachers ~ we learn from them ~ we grow because of them ~ we appreciate the ones who stayed authentic to the whole picture.

Who we are and what we do are a combo meal of how much of the world we expose ourselves to.

If you want to be better ~ you have to do better.

When you want to change your life, you have to do things that scare you.

You have to sit with the uncomfortable emotions every bit as much as the comfortable ones.

In the immortal words of Bruce Lee (another teenage crush of mine) ~

You don’t perfect your punch by doing 1,000 different punches (kicks), one time. You perfect your punch (kick) by doing the same punch (kick) 1,000 times.

Learn from the masters.

Grow by exposing yourselves to a multitudes of venues, experiences and ideas unlike your own.

Unless it’s your printer. Nobody learns the whole printer’s capacity, and they always break down because of it. There’s a life lesson in that too.

We all know from Steve Carrell and Ricky Gervais what happens to the smartest one in the office.

Become the best version of yourself by actually doing the homework and reading the chapter.

Never assume based on the chapter you walked in on.

I’m off to explore the world.

@happinessnoir @inkhoneypub

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Also ~ I’m still trying to figure out how to monetize this dinosaur if you have any advice, please let me know in the comments. Especially if you’re a writer. I admit when I’m old. LOL And don’t know.

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