5 times I learned ~ how to manage emotions & the world at large

If you don’t know ~ learn

If you don’t care ~ leave

If you can’t decide ~ listen

If you think you’e right ~ circle back

If you think you’re wrong ~ own it

Google Image of a Murder Hornet ~ or an orange gone bad ~ can’t really tell.

Today’s news was just too depressing ~ Feels like a barrel full of murder hornets that made the news LAST February.

I shared my space with other content creators today

While rejecting the “think positive thoughts” memes I also saw flooding the internet.

Which made my brain hurt while also watching a tank, chase down, then run over a single small car (a Ford or Toyota I think), driven by a little older lady. They flattened her car. The next image was of four men trying to save her after ripping the top of the car off. She lived. At the moment.

There is a time to hold our strength in our positive emotions

But there is a time for those ‘negative’ emotions to tell us all to run!

Fear, rage, sadness, confusion ~ if you are feeling those ~ let’s all sit and honor them.

Faith is calling.

Grit and resilience … very important. But so is saying fuck a lot. ’cause what the actual fuck?

Punching pillows (not walls) is healthy.

Getting angry, or determined to hold on to all you love ~ is healthy.

Which century is this?

Okay, I’ll rant. I better get off the internet.

Some of you pray ~ Some of you meditate and Some of you use Universal energy to help heal the world.

They’re all the same thing.

They all help

It doesn’t matter how we do it. As long as we get busy …

  1. Being where our feet are
  2. Sending out loving energy toward the safety of the people and pets who are suffering
  3. Stop watching the news but do NOT look away!
  4. Be productive
  5. Help where and how you can

I shared my space with people who needed or wanted their plea to get out there.

That maybe a thing while I spend more energy on the book.



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