How do you survive a world ~ without?

Some of us follow the advice,

“At any given moment, you can have a completely different life”

A twist of a Maslow quote (which is a small sliver of what Maslow actually said, but the message is clear).

The thing is ~ people don’t really care where the quotes come from. They care about the idea of the quote.

In truth, we can choose something for ourselves that we never had. But first … we have to trust ourselves and we have to believe it.

Two things that trauma survivors have to relearn. Trust and Self love.

Once that happens though, it will happen. All of it. Fast. Nobody is telling them to get ready to receive.

They don’t need the old teachers once they’ve moved on to this new reality. And yet,

That doesn’t mean that others will have gotten the memo. OR, get on board in support of your desire to change.

Some people will hang on to see if you’ll win. Then, after the big change, they’ll cheer you on.


They’ll follow you around in the shadows of ‘anonymous’ in hopes that you will fail.

Either way ~ your life and your dream are yours and only yours.

The trend is to have friends.

In order to make the change you want to see in your own world ~ you may have to detach completely from everyone else.

At least for a while.

The world has their microscope out ~ it’s not such a bad thing to be a ghost.

As I write this ~ I’m watching an advertisement for an app that tells people what to do for the most fundamental human experiences.

“You’re period is starting, give yourself some self care”

“You’re feeling stressed out. Take a break”

“Your muscles are sore from yesterday’s run, here’s a lighter route for today”


I’m not giving the name of the app ~ I’m not giving anyone a free space for dumb ideas.

If people can’t figure out when they need to FEEL something, they are in trouble.

Never give away your place, space or grace where it is not fully embraced. Poetry is not my strong suit.

IMO ~ that’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.

In truth, we are giving away our humanity as if we can’t figure it out for ourselves.

Then again, millions of people are doing jobs they hate, living in houses they hate, and married to people they hate.

We HAVE decided it’s easier to settle than to live in our own best truth for ourselves.

No Wonder people need an app!

It’s easier to click a button than it is to FEEL something.

That’s dangerous.

Humans are UN-learning who we are as a species.

The Art of Being Human is Pretty Easy, once we get the hang of it.

  1. Detach from technology is the first step.
  2. Live simply.
  3. Leave any and all behind who are not 100% on your side.
  4. You stay content with your life no matter what happens
  5. You walk away from other people’s drama ~ if you’re in the fixing business, you stay focused on only what involves you (learned this one the hard way).
  6. Appreciate what you do have.
  7. Journal everything so later on, when your writing your memoire, you’ll have notes.
  8. The credit score game is a game. They play games with you. Learn how to play the game, then win.

Realize that just because you know something, others won’t know what you’re talking about. That means, patience and tolerance on your part.

With that in mind, speak clearly, set your boundaries (SET THEM), then pivot accordingly.

All of this stuff …. is just stuff. We can live without all of it. We choose not to, but we put our attachment on those things we think we need to not feel what we don’t want to feel.

There is nothing wrong with owning something until that something owns us.

Here’s to a simple life.




Art is all around us ~ this was a simple morning commute where I slowed down to appreciate the lake, in the moment.

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