365 Days of Change

Millions of us are obsessed with changing who we are into who we want to be.

Photo: @inkhoneypub The Fosters

Imagine, if you will, that you are a ‘trash kitten’ ~ an unknowing sentient being, pulled from your mother, then dumped on the side of the road because you were unfortunate enough to be born to the wrong place, wrong people, at the wrong time.

It’s nothing you did, it’s all them. Yet, many in society would gladly kill you for inconveniencing their lives.

That’s what happens every single day in the world of rescuing cats (and people).

For some, imminent death is waiting for you.

For others, someone happens to drive by on the highway, notices the squirming 2-week old kittens all alone, then scoops you up to rescue you. They leave you at a local rescue that specializes in neonatal kittens who have fosters all over the place, who know how to save the neonates.

The foster home takes you in, bottle feeds you until you are strong, and teaches you how to be a proper cat who can fend for yourself.

You never see your siblings or parents again, but you have a new life in a new home, where people love and adore you. You grow into the majestic beast who loves belly rubs and warm, soft blankets.

YOU were saved from a life destined to be grotesquely awful.

Your fate, was decided.

For the whole of my 58th year, my goal is to make some proactive changes while notably crafting and cultivating a new version of this level.

Oliver Foster ~ Now, a full grown blend of fluff and stuff.

The first question is, why weren’t we that person to begin with?

Clearly, the world got involved to try to fit each and every person into a puzzle piece.

Some feel more entitled to a great life than others. Some say that they are influencers, when really, they are simply overly confident entitled brats. Others, truly are doing good things for the world.

Remember though, the evil ones are also influencing how we all act and react to the world.

There is the occasional world hero who comes along, proving that good will fight for its right to live in peace. The evil? It loves being greedy, ugly, and selfish. It doesn’t care about the rest of the world.

What sort of monster throws kittens out the window onto the highway?

What sort of monster blows up a children’s hospital, then tries to justify it by lying to his own people?

They are evil.

Evil doesn’t care if that upsets people. That’s how psychologically dangerous people are.

If we are online, we are being spoon-fed all the evil in the world ~ competing with the good as if it’s the same.

95% of us are checking on the health and well being of Zelensky throughout the day while he tries to keep the Ukraine a democratic nation. If one democracy is plowed back into the stone ages, then all are vulnerable to an iron curtain of ALL of our rights taken away.

That’s why we give a shit.

That’s why we all hang in there, watch or care about other people.

That’s why we stop the petty, shallow inconsequential bickering, and start looking at the big picture.

But that gets overwhelming for the human brain. We are not built to focus on ALL the things ALL the time.

Instead ~

  • Small, manageable messages.
  • Savor the good things too.
  • Allow joy, beauty and love in, so that when you do check up on Ukraine, with so much violence, you can get back to your life.
  • Spill some tea and vent if it helps you to relieve the stress. Just remember, do no harm, but take no shit. (that means, kindness and boundaries).

I’m writing a serial Kindle Vella right now called The Dreamer’s Chronicles. Episode Three is dropping today. A new episode will drop Twice a week after that. If you buy tokens, it helps feed my rescue and foster kittens.

Writing fiction was always a hobby. I published a few books, but they never went anywhere. I was too busy living a miserable life while teaching and studying happiness. It made for a decade of confusion that I’ve since unpacked.

Today begins the 1st of 365 years of taking active charge of flipping that narrative.

Oliver Foster ~ all grown up. Because someone gave a shit about his well being.
Photo: Aren Henry Miller

None of us knows what tomorrow is going to bring. Literally and figuratively, since 2020, the world has offered more challenges than in the first half a century of my life anyway. There was of course, a millennia of changes before me, and hopefully, there will be a millennia of changes after me that don’t involve war or greedy humans willing to destroy it all, just so they can own it all. IMO< that’s a serious mental illness.

SO, day one for me ~ will start with a good scrub of the house ~ a published chapter and a final edit on the book. I’ll paint, feed the cats a few times and enjoy this snow. It’s only snowed one other time for our area. I’m good with that after living in the tundra for so long.

Question I’ll be looking up (one every day to learn something new daily) ~

Does the weather contribute to how we enjoy our life? It would seem an obvious, ‘yes’, right?

Here’s to your 365


@happinessnoir @inkhoneypub


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