360 Days of Change ~ Cleaning House

Nothing beats a reset, refresh, and rewrite more than starting with cleaning house. Not just the physical space, but also the digital space.


Yesterday, I either got hacked, or …. the cats walked across the keyboard again … or, that Apple update just messed me up entirely.

Either way, I had to clean the cache ~ sweeping under the history of the things I do here, and start all over again ~ all new passwords ~ no more lazy clicks.

If I was a betting fella, I’d say it was the cat walk across the keyboard ~ cat people get that.

Most likely, it was the “update” that continues to disrupt the flow of your work until you finally pay attention to it. You’d think after Thirty One years of parenting, that would be something to get used to.


It still sends my brain into a tail spin ~ every time.

Remember the most annoying kid in the world, Stewie? “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mommy. Ma. Mom. Mom. Mom.” ~ computers do that too. (If you haven’t seen Family Guy, you wouldn’t get that reference).

I’m old school and new age. I want everything I’m comfortable with to just freeze into that’s how it is, but also love all the updates, and latest technology.

How could I write on so many different platforms (picked up a new one last night) if it weren’t for technology. I’m now open to writing on six of them.

Writing is turning into a full time job.

Psychology has been my world for the past twenty five years, and yet, I’m learning to evolve in HOW I use my experience and skills.

That’s part of the house cleaning.

  1. Keeping what brings me joy.

2. Dumping all that’s too heavy or annoying to be enjoyable.

It’s really that simple.

The simple life feels more and more appealing to the palate of one’s life.

I even cleaned up my website (henryhealing.com) to reflect where I’m going with everything. That’s the cultivated and crafted truth of my career.

My book launches this week ~ as do several other projects in and around the work of writing.

It’s okay if other people don’t understand.

People have a shortened attention span. Perhaps, the world got too complicated for us as a species. Perhaps, we overcomplicated our lives so much, it’s circling back to savoring.

I don’t feel obligated to explain a forty year adulthood to someone who wasn’t even a fetus or, an egg of a fetus ~ they’ll have to figure that out on their own.

We, the eldurkin of the species give ourselves permission to do, be, and live as we are. The brave ones will be free of the opinions of others

I love being in my fifties. I finally have all the freedom to say fuck off to any and all who deem to be critical, horrible, or condescending ~ something entirely too many people feel entitled to today.

Off to write ~ hope you get some solid self-care in today.



@inkhoneypub (ETSY, Insta, FB, Twitter & @Ink1925 on TikTok).


Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels.com

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