358 Days of Change: Writing

Writing on Kindle Vella is an odd duck. You don’t get paid unless they’re reading. You don’t get readers unless you give Amazon permission to pit you against other writers.

You are giving away your content (intellectual property), artistry, and financial gain (if any).

So? Why do it.

The same reason you do anything.

I’ve been giving away my writing, intellectual property and artistry for a very long time. Has it paid off? Not really.

Could I have done it better?

Sure! But that’s in the past, so I have to let that go.

Some things, we let it go.

Other things, we can hang on to it as long as we want to.

IF you are a writer and want to be a published writer ~ write.

Give away some of your work.

Get paid for some of your work.

This isn’t new. It’s part of many industries, and pro bono has always been a part of every industry I’ve been in. I’ve been in a few. That’s also normal.

This blog makes no money.

The book I’m going to publish and advertise the poo out of ~ will hopefully make some.

The side hustle, smaller writing gigs are generation some.

Writing is a job.

We can give away enough to gather traction, and honestly, here? To create a community? (Maybe?).

I’m hesitant with the virtual communities. I’ve been around enough of those blocks to know that there will always be people who lecture, correct, hate on or stir up trouble for no reason.

As for Vella?

It’s a bit of a MLM or platform that relies on you having your own network.

I love the idea of the NaNoWriMo but that too, is something you have to have a cheer squad and fan club to ‘win’ some of the perks. Just finishing is enough for those of us who want a personal best.

The idea that we’re only competing with ourselves in the writing world? It doesn’t exist.

I was a member of an enormous writing organization from 2006 to 2019. Whew! Did it change. A LOT. I even volunteered to help them run parts of it. I am not a joiner, so this was how I ended up feeling more comfortable about getting involved in giant groups of humans.

You get to a certain point in your life where you know exactly what you want for your life.

You have clear boundaries.

You really like yourself.

The opinions of others are second to your own of yourself. Not because you’re arrogant but because you know yourself.

It’s a perk of leveling up.

When we’re younger, we don’t know that there ARE perks, but trust me, there are!



What’s the best plan?

Follow experts who are willing to share their thoughts on how to write.

Go to conferences.

Learn from watching the successful folks.

That’s what I did. It works. That’s what many do.

It’s a never ended education.

And now ~ going back to writing for $$

That’s enough for now. I’m off to do some creative writing and to fill a contract with another piece. I work per word, per project and per contract, FYI.

Right now though?

I’m going to go catch up on my Ukraine updates from my connections on Tik Tok. Yeah, Tik Tok has up to date stuff from the mouths of babes on the ground.

The news … it’s not what it used to be in accuracy or ethics.

That’s it for today.

Seek original sources.

Do what brings me joy (filters on Instagram and Tik Tok are my new playground).

Love what I do and do what I love.

Then, Netflix. 🙂

It’s a happy cat day.





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