357 Days of Change: The Karen

I’m not fighting this one. I’m not even going to write today. This one is tough. The name, ‘Karen’ has been weaponized to perpetuate hate toward females as a species.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Feeling the energy of an advocate feminist today ~ why does that put some many people off? Because humans (including conditioned females) are resentful of the very humans who birth them into this world!

Hurricanes ~ named primarily after females

Used to be, everyone called us, “bitches’ but now? Karen. Same difference.

The origin of ‘the karen’ began with two Mr. Funny guys using it to degrade the females in their lives. Both of them? Abusive ex-partners. TV thought the most common name given in 1964 was a funny one for TV personas who had strong personalities.

While we talk about the advancement of females and gender equality, we are also encouraging the abuses of males by keeping our laws back in the stone ages. Males are angry that females want equal pay, equal rights, and equality as if it’s a novel idea.

Meanwhile, legal systems and, the mental health community continues to allow the world to blame and shame victims and survivors of domestic violence, abuse, and general violence ~ why? Because the legal system continues to be male dominated.

When women are abused by bosses, spouses and society, the same abusers still will turn on her as if she “made them” hurt her.

She is blamed, shamed and held accountable for how she was treated while also expected to be strong enough to hold up society as a whole.

Then, there’s the law ~ the government ~ who clearly, hate women!

Look at the hot dumpster fire of a government in Florida, Texas and now, Idaho. What the actual ~ flaming hatred of the female anatomy that they are threatening DEATH over health care for females.

What’s more despicable? That women are totally fine with it.

While we are all helping and praying for Ukraine, our own democracy is turning into a shite show.

Margaret Atwood’s book to TV show was NOT meant as a road map. It was meant as a stone cold warning.

Three websites for your consideration ~ the life lesson for today is this.

The stuff we value as really important are the same things that we can’t force change on others determined to misunderstand us. That is the moment we sing “Let it Go” while also turning to female leaders who get it.

Melinda Gates. Maria Shriver. Geena Davis. Oprah. Ellen (like her or not). Michelle Obama. Maya Angelou. Toni Morrison. Barbara Bush (who inspired her grand daughters to also do great things) . It’s a long list. Politics has nothing to do with it. It’s not a ‘sides’ thing.

**There are a lot of powerful younger women I love being influenced by too, but will give them their own page**

These are the women who influenced my life.

Toni Morrison

It’s not a demographic or skin color thing. It’s not a religious or socioeconomic thing. I could list a thousand women who have done great things for all of humanity ~ and yet, we still become didactic lesser humans by calling names. It’s so … basic.

Every group is guilty of something. Every group

This is a proactive influencer thing.

Not everyone is going to like us or accept us, but we don’t have to like or accept everything done or said to us either.

That’s it. That’s my thing for today ~ we’ll all keep going on, while slowly creating a world that will be. Like it or not.

I just hate that for 58 years, my first name was used as a verbal weapon against me by abusive men, only to reach this free-to-be me stuff with my first name used as a verbal weapon against me and women as a whole.

By women ~ and men. It’s never ending.

And because of that ~ I can’t change them, so have to change myself and how I react to them.

I wrote a whole chapter about it in my upcoming book (I’ll launch here).

We can’t end the tsunami of what’s trending, but we also don’t have to like it.

Instead, it’s a lot easier to simply NOT spend too much time online.

Manifesting takes a LOT of energy.

Focus on the manifesting and love.

Hate is too heavy a burden to bear.

Just sayin’





Maya Angelou

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