355 Days of Change: I’m Languishing (and I like it)

We can’t always change our brain chemistry so why not embrace it?


I mean, where would we be without some of the greatest art, poetry, music, architecture or philosophy of our world? Many of the original artists were those who languished in their own apathy, or despair from time to time.

There is this notion that if we are not flourishing all the time, we aren’t succeeding. This simply isn’t true.

I wrote an article for The Positive Psychology People today on exactly that.

I plan on staying in the field of psychology as long as they continue to try to “fix” people.

Instead of ‘fixing’ everyone ~ why don’t we just embrace people for who they are and what they bring to the table?

Eeyore was not short on friends because of his blue mood. He added to that wonderful story of companionship, friendship love, and understanding of one another’s qualities.

In today’s ‘pressure to be perfect’ world ~ we are shaming, blaming and guilting people into happiness. It’s not fair to those who simply aren’t. Or, for their own personal reasons, can’t be.

fb/the idealist

How many people ‘unalive’ themselves because of this public shame?

How many people are passed over for jobs because their social media isn’t all filled up with joyful enthusiasm or happiness?

Many. That’s how many.

We are putting so much pressure on ourselves to be non-stop productive, happy and problem free, that some people don’t even know how to be bored with their not so ELECTRICITY.

Even the day needs the night so it can rest.

Having a balanced life means that some days will be less sunshine and more shadows.

For those of us in the psychology field, turn down the neon signs please. They are blinding us with your science.

Some of us thrive at night. Some of us welcome the light of the moon and stars.

Some of us embrace our dark side, knowing it is there for a reason.

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