348 Days of Change: Will Smith, influencer?

Well then. Will and Jada Smith certainly know how to create buzz around their brand.

The NY Post (can’t believe I’m using their URL) wrote an interesting take ~ the image is the link.

These people? The Smith Family Influencers ~ proof positive that money can buy you out of bad behavior ~ a slap with a ripple effect into even more violence to come.

Abuse … continues. Influenced by entitled people who think the world revolves around them.

That was a late night after party thing ~ NOT front and center thing. The crying was bullshit.

Chris Rock was doing what Chris Rock does. He’s a comedian. He’s been a comedian for 30+ years now. He’s been a brand that’s a jerk. The Oscars know that people will be insulted all in the name of a laugh to lighten the show that usually runs for four-hours. Was he a jerk to Jada Pinkett-Smith. Yes he was. So are all the comedians who get up on those stages.

I wonder how happy Ricky Gervais is that he wasn’t there?

This isn’t even the slap heard ’round the world ~ it’s the display of lack of control. OR … was it all staged to gain attention? I’m betting on the later.

I’ve been watching this show since I can remember. It used to be much more formal, boring and stiff. It used to be that everyone got drunk and acted the fool at the Golden Globes, but stayed more reserved at the Academy Awards.

2021-2022 has been turned into the Will and Jada Smith show.

I used to love them both, until I realized that was a micro influence by the sheer volume of social media about them. Now? Not so much. They know their days are numbered.

There is no room for ‘fake’ on tomorrow’s trends ~ this may be the pivotal moment.

Insane amounts of money turned some of these celebrities into egos too big to fit in the door. Some of them cry (on command) and act (on command, but sometimes clearly rehearsed) … they are actors after all.

But to go up on stage to slug someone like it’s a neighborhood backyard BBQ? Afterparty Will.

Yeah … what Will Smith did was to gain attention for Will Smith. His ego had altered motives. His screaming over the show, “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth” was … suspicious. It was also sweet in a demented sort of way. Was that his ego talking or his insecurity about his strong wife’s ability to live independently from him?

The fact that his son then tweeted, “That’s how we do it” seems … like part of the multibillion dollar brand with nothing to do with the Oscars themselves. Then again, his kids are wealthy, but that doesn’t mean they are okay. Red flags fly everywhere on the dark side of their outward happiness. There’s a lot of sadness there.

What an ego this family has that they think they are the center of attention.

Who cares if Will Smith acted out of his ID (vs his ego or superego) ~ he usually does. He just does, says, and is … whatever he wants.

He’s a great actor, there is no doubt. He has a talented family, again, no doubt. And look at us all ~ keeping the Smith family name in our mouths now.

When most of the time, the Oscars are thought about for a few seconds, this one ~ the Smith Family are ALL anyone is talking about, taking the day away from everyone else in the news.

The brand is emulating the Kardashian brand ~ a LOT of synthetic actions for the public eye ~ a lot of speculation about this modern day soap opera ~ I also find it interesting that to date ~ Will Smith hasn’t been entirely respectful to his own family ~ cheating ~ homophobia ~ well, I’ll leave it to the psychologists ~

The other side of that (and I can’t believe I’m about to agree with Kathy Griffin, whom, I am not a fan), people will copy Will Smith and think it’s okay.

People are now going to go to comedy shows, or just in general, not like what someone said in a joke, then go up on stage, to smack the comedian. Then, it’s also going to happen at Starbucks and in schools and at random concerts.

As if we didn’t have enough violence going on in the world?????? Ugh!

These people influence behavior. They influence action. They influence because other people don’t seem to have original thoughts or critical thinking skills anymore.

Shallow. Vapid. Sometimes good. More times ~ on stage for the world to watch.

Anybody want to take a wager on how soon after that … staged slap heard ’round the world … before people just start assaulting other people, then blaming it on Will, then crying fake tears … then, getting sued?

Can our eyes roll any further back into our brains with the shenanigans.

Do we even know who else won?

It seemed that the outfits were all dramatic black of some sort …

Disappointing night as seen from the cheap seats ~ with cats.

He’s just acted very badly ~ some people admire him for it, which means they will follow suit. Others found his behavior distasteful and awful. He has a problem, but will figure out how to monetize that, without caring about the way people respond.

Just another day in the life of an egotistic family thinking they get to own all the things, while abusive people choose to say, “well if Will Smith can act badly, so can I”.

It’s a dark day for the happiness of everyone else who won an Oscar last night … ’cause … who can remember them at this point. I can’t even find the acceptance speeches on YOuTube when clicking “2022 Oscars” ~ which never happens.

Academy … some advice from a nobody … the world is watching and hopes you hold this spoiled baby man accountable.




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