344 Days of Change: Censorship

There’s a lot of censorship in our world. It’s everywhere. You don’t even need to deep dive into learning where or how.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

Go on TikTok for a few days after a big social event. Whew! Soooooo many people telling other people what they are allowed or not allowed to say.

It’s toxic.

That was my whole analysis summed up in two words.

Of course, it’s more complicated than that. People head to TikTok to air their dirty laundry. There are billions of people there. It’s loud.

The more controversial, the more they gain followers, which also means conflict and controversy has a petri dish in which to grow ugly.

There are other ‘sides’ of TikTok. Funny people. Wise people. Those who use it as a creative outlet.

I hear there’s other stuff but I’m not interested. Teenage business. Sexy stuff. People being dumb for attention. There’s a lot of dumb as a business.

Comment sections are the Bane of society.

Every time someone makes a YouTube, the hundreds to thousands of commenters risk their own safety in order to contribute. Others? Love to heckle and verbally abuse the well meaning people.

Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter … social media … don’t even get me started on Reddit, a hot bed for cruelty …. a breeding ground for abuse.

Why oh why is that where we decided to go with how we use the internet?

Since when is it normalized to lecture total strangers, while pontificating our own belief as gospel truth.

It seems that humans insist on being right. They love to use their words to create chaos.

Is that what you want?

Not me. I’m not interested. No time for it.

That sort of energy follows you around.

Everyone decided to have an opinion but it was more than that after the Oscars.

I watched the unraveling of censorship explode.

One demographic said, “You have to stay out of our business”

Another one said, “They are our contemporaries, so YOU should stay out of our business”

Then, there were the Guild of professionals in that business that said, “This is about how we run award shows”

And the, “We are professionals in this field or that. We get to have a stay.”

It’s a long list of people using words to be somehow part of a conversation ~

I haven’t heard a single person offer up the irony that “Keep ____ name out of your mouth” which only made the WORLD keep ALL of their names IN the mouths of others who are not exactly like them

The Smith family only interviewing each other as a strategic way to control their narrative.

The Rock camp is staying silent.

ALL of them are making more money while the can of violence worms spill out into the whole country.

I seriously doubt the people of Ukraine are talking about elitist celebrity multi-millionaires. Or, their 30-year entanglement with each other.

The energy we give our attention to is the energy we walk around in.

Being censored is a trigger for me. It’s how the toxic, abusive, people in my past life tried to control me. It’s how work bullies tried to bully me. It’s how domestic violence abusers use verbal and emotional abuse against their victims.

It enrages me ~ so?

In the past, I would have lost it. Today? I walk away from them. I ignore them. I have that internal conversation with myself to remember where their abuse comes from.

Misogyny is a gold standard of toxic masculinity ~ using censorship is their guide book.

Watching toxic people who advertise themselves as professionals in the industries I admire made the algorithm send me more toxic people and then, on all platforms, MORE toxic people being … toxic.

Today is April 1st. I’m deleting ALL of the people who only contribute toxicity to the world at large.

I’m not going to say more, ’cause I’m actually writing something about all of this ~ but … the message is ~ we grow what we pay attention to.

Healing from trauma means, we have to work at it every day.

Being in remission from the poisonous culture of verbal abuse means we have to stay away from it.

Don’t argue with it

Don’t try to explain your POV to it.

Don’t even engage with it.

If you know it’s not good for you ~ walk ~ away.

Your peace of mind is more important than trying to convince anyone in the world that you are worthy of respect, love, dignity or attention.

I just heard a great quote on @wiseoldwords (TikTok topics today)

“Here’s a good piece of advice … use the weekend to build the life you want, not to escape the life you have.”

There are some true artists and content creators who are contributing to the aesthetics of the world.

@AmericanBarron is one. That kid is an artist.

@elyse_Myers is another one. She’s funny, smart and talented.

There are more.

Ryan Reynolds has a hilarious TikTok but you don’t know it’s him until you know it’s him. He is in full on brand for Reynolds.

IF you are having a tough first quarter, just think of every great football movie you ever watched. I don’t even like football, but the movies they make about it are awesome.

There’s always time to pull yourself back in the game.

For me, still holding it in my hand and feeling the joy.






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