343 Days of Change: Reclaim_Your_Life

#Reclaim_your_life is my #1 hashtag mantra ~ it’s what my entire platform is based on.

Did you know that researchers help themselves to any and everything you post online?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Did you know they don’t have to ask your permission first, since all social media is considered public domain?

Did you know that Tik Tok, Reddit, Buzzfeed and Instagram are all going to do whatever they want with your posts ~ same for Meta? Then there are more dubious places like Imgur, and Cheezburger where immature and adolescent people hang out posting stupid memes and mean spital about things that only teenagers and immature adults talk about.


Here’s the tricky one … are you okay with that?

For some reason, Yahoo “News” reports … on what’s being shared on the social media accounts, while companies are sifting people into categories of worthiness based on how many ‘likes’ they have.

I’ve started to notice that many of the professionals I follow on YouTube are turning OFF the comment sections.

Gossip and Slander or, ‘gossiprazzi‘ as Urban Dictionary calls it, is a wild fire on social media.

We have a whole internet with thousands of places to give our attention to.

If you’re a marketer or researcher, the internet is ripe for the picking gold.

If you are a private citizen, it’s a nightmare.

We get to choose.


I ALSO found out yesterday from a credible social media reporter ~ who uses TikTok as a platform ~ that a LOT of the info. about TikTok warnings ~ are started BY someone at Facebook.

The DRAMA!!! (sounds like another book or two are in the works) ~ FB dominates and .. it seems, they don’t like TikTok.

My brain doesn’t extend to that level of ‘need to know’ ~ not for this girl in her quest for a simple life.

For me ~ In this year of simplifying and reshaping everything ~ all the things … there’s a lot I would forget about in less time than it takes to make a TikTok.

Being in the world is so much more satisfying than being online.

It also has better health benefits.

In the spirit of that ~ I’m going to keep these short from now on.

*Especially since my online writing is expanding rather quickly*

You can see where I go ~ for all you snoopy people and supporters alike ~

ONE thing is a powerful lead to the day ~

The more we know about the world, the better we can pick and choose where we share our energy. It’s always a strength to educate ourselves, and then act with a follow up opinion. The weird thing about the number of users on each of the platforms is ~ are these numbers accurate?

When I see that 91.2 MILLION people watched a content creator crash and burn a few weeks ago (@ModernWarrior if you’re curious) ~ the stats say that only 500 Million are on the TikTok app while the hashtags for something like … #art has 267.7B (that’s billion) views. He was controversial for sure.

I started following 500 people to learn how they did the Tok, but will scale back now that I’ve figured it out. NO idea how I started following him. Honestly?

Trying to keep up with random strangers online is too time consuming. I’m still trying to figure out who that kid, Sean Mendes (sp?) is.

Here are my Top Five list truths for the day: All as part of growth as a human ~ when we know ourselves, we know our power.

  1. I don’t care about celebrity drama and don’t know who 3/4 of them are.

2. I’m disgusted by some of the celebrity “inspirational” speakers so try NOT to hear/see them.

3. Writing fiction brings me more joy and is more believable than some of the things I hear out of the “f’ing mouths” of motivational speakers (that was a word-Smith joke … did you get it?). 😉

4. We get to adjust and change, cultivate and curate our own algorithms so that we can create our own social media reality.

5. Just because someone has 91.2 million views ~ doesn’t mean they’ll be happy with that.

OH ~ and there is a 6th one ~

There is a LOT that we humans can contribute to the health and well-being of the world at large. To choose good over evil; positive over negative; joy over sorrow.

Life is a balance but the internet is still artificial intelligence and we are still driving the bus to where we’re going. Even the smart cars know when to let go so a human can take charge.




Henry Healing Dot Com for my updated and sort of Up To Date Life as a Digital Nomad


*Image Social Media Source: https://datareportal.com/social-media-users

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