342 Days of Change. ReWrite

Between 2013-2019, I went through the most painful period of my life.

We live in a journey. Life has two paths. Stagnation and generatively.

To be honest, I’d choose a long spell of doing nothing. Stagnation sounds pretty good in this world of toxic and violent people everywhere.

And yet, we get bored when we sit in one place, doing one thing, while always just … existing.

Well, some of us do. Others? They need to be on the go all the time.

People are addicted to work. They glorify it. They celebrate uniqueness, then turn around and fill their lives with sameness, even when they don’t realize that’s what they’re doing.

I’m going to stay focused on this developmental psychology concept all week. Already started with it on TikTok ~ since I’m sick of hearing about The Smith Family drama.

Also, I’ve got $5 to put down on that arrogant family starting their own version of the film industries greatest award show. They will just … turn themselves into the royal family of Bel Air ~ they sort of already have.

Pretty gross, but then, there are a lot of people who are acting out of raw entitlement these days. Remember, we (Rock, the Smiths and I) are all in our 50’s.

Fifty year olds have opinions too. About our age ~ behavior ~ thoughts, actions and … income as it relates to all the rest of it + our sense of self.

Even people calling out entitlement are being entitled. Not a one of them is named Karen BTW.

It’s going to be an interesting week.

To achieve our goals, we have to stay focused on our own lives. That sometimes means, moving as far away from all toxic, negative, mean spirited, selfish, self-centered, damaging people.

The field of psychology are telling people to just ~ cut off anyone who brings us negativity ~ and some therapists are going so far as to tell their social media world to stop spending time with anyone who has a “negative mindset”.

That’s true to a certain degree, but what everyone is failing to do is to help teach the world how to live more comfortably WITH their negative emotions.

If just one more 28-39 year old newbie licensed psychology expert tries to tell a 50+ year old how to be happy or how to be mindful ~ I am going to scream. ESPECIALLY those who rose to power and fame without ever once experiencing hardship, financial insecurity, or anything hard.

Clueless and pampered. And yet, that is the culture we currently live in.

So any who ~ to everyone known as #oldtok or living their best life without feeling compelled to relive their 20’s or 30’s ~ give me a call. Let’s collaborate on a book of savoring the slow and steady life.

Trauma moves into the bones. That doesn’t mean we have to stay stagnant in it.

It just means that we are highly selective and attentive to whom we allow into our lives.

Unless you can share a ‘war story’ that is equal to mine, or a hardship that reshaped your path along the way, I’m probably not going to be interested in your story for myself.

I’m glad you have a story and delighted that you are enjoying your life ~ that’s wonderful.

I’m happy for you if you’ve never seen the dark side ~ but we don’t speak the same language of the soul.

Soul language is what it’s all about for those of us who survived something ugly for a long period of time.

Okay, enough for now. Writing for a living means, writing for money first, then for info. and then, for play.

Here’s to your writing for the week. Share it with me. Tell me who you are.

I’m not a fan of average humans hiding their identity. No time for it. You are too much like the abusers I know to care for you at all when you do that.

Anonymous the group? Well, they are a collective doing some pretty amazing things to help the people of Ukraine and globally. So … they get a pass.



OH Hey … I have a book coming out this week too. Hopefully, I’ll sell a few.

I may hire a social media manager this summer so all I have to do is write and let them generate the chatter. Not a fan of the chatter. it’s too much noise.




OH … one more thing … if you’re looking for a ghost or content writer … send me a pm ~ on any of my social platforms.

Also have a chapter book of essays in the works. That’s been sitting on the shelf for a long while now. Interested?


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