341 Days of Change: The Beginning

I went back to the beginning of my professional roots today.

Calligraphy Gif

I’ll be writing about that on a metaphorical pub crawl through The Positive Psychology People; Medium, Elephant Journal and perhaps, if there’s time, over on LinkedIn. That’s all non-fiction.

I’m also working on a different project to continue to grow my Kindle Vella audience ~ I have two novels going and about to add a third. This work is in fiction. Something that doesn’t make any money but is more fun to write. Right now, I’m writing The Dreamer Chronicles and Ashes to Aether.

The HARDEST part of writing online ~ something that is legally considered intellectual property but even big name researchers will just … steal your work from you and call it their own … so even when we choose writing for a living, we know that there’s a high price to pay. Thieves help themselves ’cause they know it’s damn hard to prosecute them.

I didn’t know that academics can be dirty thieves of joy and intellectual property all the time as a matter of an entitlement clause. This is what happens when people are pampered by a system that is profoundly broken, but few are interested in fixing. The drama!

Some thieves don’t even bother changing the name of the thing you’re writing.

Honestly? It makes me question this career choices every single day.

Working in the tourist industry was super fecked up, but at least, they weren’t shady about being broken. They were just … openly broken.

The Kindle Vella experiment won’t make any money, as the odds are weighted heavily in the favor of others. Classic irony ~ there are a LOT of authors who are ghost writing ~ and even more who are dominating every field.

No negativity here. It’s a business practice.

People forget that writing is also a business. Businesses need to make money. Writer’s are being whimsical. They have to be both creative and business savvy.

Sometimes, we have to cut ties with things not meant for us much in the same way that younger generations are recognizing when something is working for them, and when it’s not ~ much much more quickly than my generation ever did.

*I’m thinking about that TikTok employee who left after only four months*. She has multi-millions of views in her articulate, ambitious sense of self YouTube.

I left NYC and my first professional gig working for an ad agency after 10 months. I hated living in NYC, and the living arrangement I had was making me physically ill from the stress.

In the 1980’s, you were considered (and called) a failure for putting your mental health first.


The power of the people who are newbie employees in our professional arenas are making their mental health a priority. I’m really excited about that.

For them, and for the demand for paradigm changes every where.

Okay, enough out of me.

I have a business to blow up (one way or another).





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