340 Days of Change: Select Carefully

Writing ~ Money, we’re told, is to be pushed to the back of our minds so we can engage with the flow of the process and creativity.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

MY question for you … who can afford to do that? Make money a low priority?

People with partners ~ People with angel investors ~ People with parents ~ People who have full time jobs to pay for their lives while they are busy making other plans.

On Fiverr, you do all sorts of work, but in today’s crowded bidding war climate, you don’t make a lot of money for the work. + They take 20%

On Upwork, the same thing. + They take 20%

I like Elephant Journal memes ~ thought I’d start writing for them, to see how it goes. Pays $0.0

I’m also writing on The Positive Psychology People, which is a very positive experience. Pays $0.0 in financial but it DOES pay in many many other ways, so 100% worth it. Some pro bono work does.

Medium has a few people. Vella is right now, where I’ve put the most focus. Will it payoff? Maybe. Maybe not. You have to jam on writing on there before you see any monetary gain.

I’ve had 3 books stollen from publishing on Amazon, my former blog, and entering my 1st manuscript in a writer conference back in the day through the romance writers of America. TWO of those stollen works didn’t even bother to change the title, or characters, or setting.

Elephant Journal has been around for a long time. However, they have advertising. Their biggest ad is for sex toys ~ its on every one of the dozen or so blogs I contributed to. It won’t pay out in the end.

Unless, of course, I decide to start writing sex toys into my work. LOL 🙂 Which I don’t.

I say this with some humor, but … ya just can’t write about happiness, joy, or thriving when every third line is an ad for a sex toy.

*she shrugs*.

The Positive Psychology People are academics, researchers and practitioners in the field.

Medium is a popular online magazine (O-zine?).

Elephant Journal is owned by a small company out of Colorado. They’re open to anyone writing for them, but money is money. Everyone’s got to make a living. They seem very nice and work hard (again, the porn jokes just keep coming). See what I mean?

I don’t add ads or money to this blog, ’cause I don’t want to drown in other people deciding who follows or who advertises. If you want to leave a tip or donation, I won’t turn that away ~ but I won’t push it on you either.

I published my PayPal on here ~ next thing I know ~ some malicious asshat shares my email and now … I get a dozen spam porn hits a day … which I have to keep blocking and reporting.

I SERIOUSLY need to hire a social media manager ~ Gary Veynerchuk’s advice on that one is the 1st $100,000 you make, take the 70K & give 30K to a young SM manager ~ I’ll let you know.

Writing on Kindle Vella only gains financial benefits, when you have a huge following (or fans with benefits! Again! Porn humor thanks to the elephant in the room).

Same for a lot of the online writing spaces that take tips. The write for free stuff, not the other bits and pieces.

Here’s what I’m thinking about today ~

The number of people who follow me ’cause I wrote for free


Spend ALL that time writing ONLY for profit and turn it into a full time career for real.

Which are you going to choose?

I know my bills are going to be much more excited for option 2. As am I.

That’s it ~ off to write, paint and make money.

+ cats

From The Power of Positivity *I know I am harsh toward the concept of “positivity” but I’m also a fan of 90% of this page. One day, I’ll cross town and introduce myself.

Writing as a business ~ is a business 1st.



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