339 Days of Change: Life Path

I’m looking at the blob of clay that has been “work from home” as a content creator. It’s been an interesting life path ~ One I’m wondering if I took the wrong way. That too, is successful.

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

“We learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes.”

~T. Berry Brazelton


So, as a digital nomad, there is more of a learning curve than they let on when selling their own “programs” on YouTube.

You have to

  1. Learn each system separately = time consuming
  2. Give away 20% up front = losing money & time
  3. ‘Join” them = pay them (JobWorks, UpWork, Fiverr) IF you want anyone to actually see them
  4. Compete for their attention = lowest possible bids = you are lowering your self worth and your self respect
  5. Compete for value on the world stage = people who live in countries who have a lower livability index can afford to work for less which is why (I’ve recently found out) so many of them move to countries where the cost of living is significantly lower than in high cost states in the US (ahem, where I live).

**OH, and that doesn’t mention having to learn the hard way how to avoid scammers**

The bottom line is

All those 20-something YouTubers who are claiming to make 6 & 7 figures are lying to your face

Stress level is stupid high right now

IF I’m going to write for anyone, I’m going to write for myself. Why would I write a whole novel for $450 when I can potentially make so much more as the author?

This is the path I’m hiking right now.

This is NOT bringing me joy & it’s costing me more money than I’m making.


Now what?

Same thing I always do ~ head back to the drawing board while dodging out of the way of the flying monkey internet trolls who will forever be a menace to my peace and well-being.

Today is the sort of day where you say fuck a lot

I’m going to keep working on the other stuff that I don’t talk about on the internet and hopefully, have something better for tomorrow.




OH ~ BTW ~ HAVING A BAD DAY IS ALSO NORMAL ~ we need to demystify this toxic positivity shit that is always trying to make us feel guilty for having a bad day.

Just because someone has a bad day doesn’t mean that they are going to have a bad life or that they are going to pathologize the experience as their new normal.


**Henry Healing, the Life Coach has gone on a seasonal only hiatus. The Write Life will be On Demand ~ and not discussed in public …. so I can actually make a living at it without someone fecking with it and me.**

**rolls eyes back into her head**

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