338 Days of Change: It’s All Seasonal

Writers, do you have a season? I’m on a street team of a really sweet writer (not sure if she’d be okay w/my talking about it here but I’ll ask her before telling too much).

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

She puts out two books per year. One is summer and the other, Christmas. Perfection.

I look forward to reading her sweet, innocent stories of love, hope and family. It’s all so very different from the world I lived in, but that’s why we all love our Hallmark Christmas movies, isn’t it?

Escapism as an art form?

Did you know you can write a book/script for Hallmark? It doesn’t pay much, but you can say you did it. You might even land a writing gig with them, and it definitely opens doors for more writing.

One word of caution though, in this crowded world filled with pitfalls and decoy friends in that industry … be careful who you trust and know where you are giving away content.

If you don’t care about your name on anything, and don’t mind making much less [$] for your work, you can gig yourself out on UpWork and Fiverr.

A lot of digital nomads are making a great living on those and other sites. I told you yesterday, that you are also making less + giving up a 20% commission on top of paying them to stay there.

Same for the other places to get your name and writing out there.

Advice? Write for a solid 3-6 months. Then, take a hard cold look at your stats? Was it worth your time? If we’re not progressing, change it up.

That’s a LOT of writing to make the top tier. Plus, there are consumers who will be very picky and, if the picky ones leave you a bad review, your writing career is basically over.

I did a deep dive into the pros and cons of the writing gig industry.

The pros are, you can in fact, make a lot of money but know you will be doing a lot of writing. There’s another option. I found a page called, Freedom with Writing. Another one is called, Authors Publish (not my company and I don’t know them, I’ve just been following them for a few years, and think they offer benefits to writers).

You can also become a professional speaker by becoming a member of their organization that books you. Top academic speakers are making crazy money. You have to be good at the formula though. You know, sad story, big journey, moral and then, lesson learned followed by jazz hands … or whatever it is that you/they do.

Of course, with YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, you don’t need any of that, depending on your field.

Once you study them, they get a bit predictable but then, some of them are actually really good. The real deal is easy to spot.

I was in an online conference where the keynote speaker offered up a story of childhood that had NOTHING to do with his topic. But then, I already know that guy is a poo-stain on the face of humanity who LOVES himself.

Another, very famous motivational speaker that EVERYbody loves, completely degrades single moms and is rumored to be a total asshat off stage where he throws orgies … but ya, go ahead and keep getting inspired by him. (not naming names ’cause these sorts of people also sue anyone who dares to criticize them). As cowards and poo-stains often do.

It makes me wonder how many people in that industry sleep with other people to get ahead.

Oh … come on! We ALL know that’s happening in every industry. Why did you think this misogynistic sexual harassment thing never goes away. The people who protect them, are also guilty of something that their “good ‘ol boy” got caught at. (There’s a novel idea … no, not a new idea, an idea for a novel).

If we ALL write our own version of that ~ maybe … we won’t be attacked on our Linkedin for calling out mansplainers who mansplain what misogyny is. (Yes, this actually happened to me).

I’ll link it so you can check it out. They do an amazing job at collecting places to publish.

Writers ~ don’t share your projects online. People will steal them from you. I’m not talking about stealing your idea ~ all ideas are unique to the POV of the author. I’m talking about your word-for-word work.

As soon as you publish your words, they are supposed to be intellectual property protected by law. Does that stop anyone (from academics to Bubba in a barn who says they write for a living on one of those shady pirate sites).

I’ve seen people selling courses in how to run their own pirate site! People who brag about “never had to write a word, but make 6-figures selling books! Do they credit or pay the authors? Nope.

There will be people who can sleep at night, knowing they hurt other people’s lives.

We can make them stop, so instead … write about it!!! Name names!!! Go on social media with your story and let the world know that you know.

See now why I love the sweet G rated Christmas stories?

I’ve had to know about the seedy, shady side of life for far too long. So long in fact, that it changed my brain.

It’s up to me to change it back to a clever way to keep it healed from trauma.

Writing helps.

Sharing any actual project I have going on … well, that’s a different story.

See, you don’t OWE the world anything. They don’t get to know every part of your life just because you shared part of it.

There are people out there sharing every moment of their lives, and every moment of their children’s lives. I don’t recommend it. It’s not just about you or … that one person you may have a grudge with … there are others who can and will also get hurt if you tell the full story.

So what do you do if you want to write your autobiography? Everyone’s lens on the world is different.

Example ~

One mom made fun of her kids while talking about how she “moms so hard” in her “truth bombs” but then, after a decade of it … her kid had to go to rehab at the age of 18! He was traumatized I’m guessing by public humiliation after being the brunt of her jokes (butt of her jokes?) for a decade.

Can you imagine his school life in junior high or high school? A nightmare!

His mother became internet famous ~ and then, in his darkest crisis hour, she monetized THAT moment for even bigger fame for herself. Never once saying, ‘This is my fault, or at least, this has to do with what I’ve been doing to your childhood in exchange for money’.

Is she aware of herself? Of what she’s done? Of the impact her internet fame had on her kids?

Maybe, but then, maybe not.

She’s called a Shero for it too. Double indemnity fecking disgusting.

The risks you take in getting your work out into the world is ~ unlike 90% of jobs ~ you are also opening yourself up to harsh criticism.

I don’t recommend that if you also live with PTSD or any type of trauma until you’ve healed.

I’ll talk about mom stuff some other time.

Today ~ working on working in the best possible way that fits my comfort zone and particular skill set.

Always remembering and never forgetting ~ energy goes where attention flows ~ or is that Attention goes where energy flows?

Darkness or Light ~ the choice is ours.

Moral of the story?

Be aware of your professional surroundings

Do your research

Realize who is involved in your writing life before putting yourself out there

It’s not only about finding your joy ~ it’s also about making money and finding sustainability.

I’m sure there are other morals to this story. For me? And the spy who watches everything I write in case I mention some of the shenanigans they put me through? (LOL) ~ go get a life of your own and worry about your own story! (oh wait, that’s right. This isn’t TikTok, where content creators LOVE to pounce on anyone who isn’t a fangirl of their work).

Also yuk.



Henry Healing is leaving the building …. but the website and domain are paid for through 2024 and I can’t change the domain name so …. here it is.

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