336 Days of Change: Creative brains and Flow

Every time we stop our creativity to count off how many days to do this, or how many months to do that ~ we interrupt the flow.

Whenever we tell someone not to think about or worry about money, we are unconsciously telling them two major things.

  1. Think about money
  2. The speaker has never had a financial hardship so has no concept of what it is to be without money.

The ramifications of both of those things are enormous.

Gary Veynerchuck, who started out on social media after taking over his father’s $3,000,000 dollar wine business is glorifying being a work-a-holic while presenting himself as a youthful hipster while influencing millions … MILLIONS of young ones. His target audience are primarily males in their 20’s.

He’s very charming, funny and intuitive. He’s built up a multi-million dollar company by leaning toward where the money is flowing.

I mean … who wouldn’t.

Is there a dark side?

Oh! You betcha there is, but it would take too much time to talk about it (on an unpaid blog, where people are ~ without my permission ~ taking my OG content, then flipping it for their own profit).

That’s the dark side of using the internet for your business.

If you’re not careful, you will be spending all your time, NOT being as smart about both money and leveraging influence (which leads to money) the way Gary V does.

Every top influencer out there has a 2-degree separation from the others.

People are counting your value based on how many followers or likes you have. It’s part of the lexicon now.

Those of us who are doing a little bit without also throwing a big scandal or spilling tea all over the place are also thinking about clearing out and shutting down all social media.

There is so much fake stuff out there ~ fake people ~ fake brands ~ fake identities ~ fake influencers ~ fake writers ~ we are drowning in it.

We follow and like people without actually knowing who those people are!

Guys who play video games on the internet and talk about it while playing ~ are now the most influential people on the internet! Grown men who had billions of followers, are famous for being … famous.

An entire family of a scandalous Hollywood lawyer is in the news SO MUCH, you can’t even open the internet without seeing one of those family members in the news. 299 MILLION people follow Kim Kardashian. The soccer player, Renaldo has the 2nd most followers at 410 million but Squid Game actress, Jung Ho-Yeon has 478 million.


That’s beyond the scope of comprehension, which is probably why I have 200. LOL

Here’s a link to the article I read ~

The 10 most-followed Instagram accounts in the world

I wish I cared more about it. I have this anchor in the simple life that means, I’d be happier not knowing any part of social media. I’d rather be on a beach somewhere, minding my own business with a book and a dog.

The world doesn’t have to know your business. And then, after the pandemic hit, it seems that the world assumes it has a right to your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day or a good day, or get into a traffic accident, or someone comes up to you to harass you, then film your response ~ everyone has their cameras out taking pictures of anyone they want.

Then, they also label you.

This is the worst case scenario of domestic violence on the grandest scale imaginable.

For those of us who were tormented and bullied at any point in our lives, the way the internet acts is a traumatizing place.

There is a good side. It’s just damn hard to find it.

I guess the upside of people calling out bad behavior IN the moment ~ is that nobody is getting away with bad behavior.

Some truly horrible acts have been caught on camera ~ some major policy and laws have been changed because someone took out their phone and recorded violence.

We all know what’s going on in Ukraine because people are recording the violence ~ the world is doing what it can to help them.

It’s overwhelming to the sensitive minds ~ but terrifyingly nothing to those who lack sensitivity or civility.

If you’ve never been tormented, bullied, terrorized or tortured by someone (or a group of someones), then you may not have any idea how much of a nightmare it actually is.

Social media offers evil people an avenue to be evil but it also offers really good people an avenue to be good.

I’m in search of average. The idea of an ordinary life filled with simple things ~ that’s the flow I’m manifesting in my life. Studying the Tao helps. Practicing Reiki on myself, helps.

Image: synergyyoga.org

I think we all need to seek and find the average moments ~ bring those into our lives.

Trauma informed coaching, counseling, teaching, and every other profession needs to be taught in our schools.

I don’t “look” like someone who studies Reiki or yoga or a spiritual practice, so … that community doesn’t value me. I’m not young enough or sexy enough and I don’t wear flowing clothes. Maybe I should? As a social experiment.

It’s time we all start talking about life through this lens.

Perception. Focus. Energy.

A traumatized brain is not going to process the world the same way a non-traumatized world does.

Will social media ever become trauma informed?

It’s hard to tell.

The creative people who want to continue to engage, inform, and delight with the good parts of life aren’t really thinking about the darkness. They are too busy showing us how happy they all are.

Either way, both are exhausting.

I can’t even have a conversation with those people I used to work with who say, “That doesn’t happen” ~

When you’ve seen some stuff ~ that stuff doesn’t leave your memory ~ you have to be able to live around it.

IF you have experienced trauma ~ you are not alone.

If I can influence anyone on anything ~ it’s this ~ get off the internet more ~ get outside more ~ give yourself some grace more.

The psychological significance of engaging in the flow of lovely, creative, feel good/positive vibes is crucial to your well-being.

Darkness does’t drive out darkness … it likes it too much. Just remember that when your panic attacks start to get stronger … you can’t cure them while also feeding them.



Henry Healing is on Hiatus for the summer ~ connecting with healthy, whole humans is part of the digital nomad plan of action at the moment. You can follow my work on my calling card at henryhealing.com

I gave out my PayPal for donations and some mother trucker signed me up for some seedy shit I’m NOT happy about ~ :/ then, I’ve had flying monkeys and toxic monsters in my life ~ they are I believe, still alive. Every woman who’s ever experienced narcissists and/or narcopaths … 100% gets what I just wrote.

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