333 Days of Change: Writing Day

333 The numerologists call this the angel protection number.

I’ve just published two new chapters ~ one each in the Kindle Vella’s I’m writing.

Did you know that three religions share the same angels? It’s true. Google it.

I’m busy writing my next chapters ~ metaphorically and physically. So, here are my two Vellas fellas … they are paranormal ~ one is a dystopian paranormal ~ no romance while the other is a paranormal romance …

Until one day, we all can agree that what we call paranormal today is just untapped human strengths that scientists and skeptics alike … don’t understand.

The “last modified” isn’t up to date ~ I modified the hell out of it just today.

This day that’s surrounded by angel protection as a new moon energy takes over.


All writers know to keep your mind open. Only closed minded people don’t “believe” ~ in something.

The Human Mind can be such a trap.

We can be in the psychology industry AND be curious about what we don’t know (AND … be a good Christian or whatever religious values you have).

As a matter of fact, a truly great researcher will be fascinated by all things they don’t understand or know ~ without being so damn sure of themselves all the time.

If mid-level providers don’t get that ~ they are minions to the field without a burning curiosity.


I’ve been both minion and curiosity napalm in equal measures.

It’s the week between Palm Sunday and easter ~ I’m holding out for the candy but know … it’s not good for me so will probably limit my appetite to consuming knowledge instead. And maybe chocolate. 🙂

I’ve saved this art for several years ~ it helped me walk away from toxic, dangerous, psychologically traumatizing situations and people who had intent to hurt my life ~

Stay curious ~ stay open ~ hold space for yourself today!



And for better or worse, I started using Twitter & Instagram more … feel free to be nice to me there ~ but if you’re a random toxic jack wagon … just skip it ’cause a life time of bullies and tormentors means, I will be calling people out on that shite now.


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