330 Days of Change: 5 Things

The DARK side of the Online Social Media

Here are 5 Things that’ll make you want to leave ~ for a cabin in the woods ~ forever

  1. Cyber Stalkers
  2. Online trolls and cyber bullies
  3. Manipulative frienamies
  4. People who did you dirty in real life, but them blame or shame you for their dirty deeds
  5. Fake people who will go to any length to protect their ‘brand’, including crushing yours.

Here are 5 Things that’ll make you want to help others in your community ~ Click on the link for articles that go into detail.

  1. Nearly 1/2 of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck ~ they can’t afford to help themselves in an emergency
  2. Toxic positivity is actually contributing to the shame, blame and lower mental health of every day people which in turn, has contributed to the rise of mental health crises.
  3. The facts and stats on cyber bullying are staggering ~ particularly after two years of this stay in place order of the pandemic ~ or the antithesis of that ~ those who lost their noodle and rage against the machine. It calls for solution focused help! And it’s not just teens. I don’t follow teen drama online so when I see cyber bullying ~ it’s adults behaving badly.
  4. The Shame & Blame Game is VERY real and wrecking havoc with our mental health.
  5. IF you are a sensitive, vulnerable or empathic person, you may also be subjected to dangerous or toxic people. One of my favorite online relationship coaches is Stephanie Lynn Coaching. I’m adding her YouTube channel here ~ I don’t know her but listen to her myself.

I don’t share coaches, sources, or articles unless I’ve read them and find value in them.

Women who support other women are women who have healed.

The next time you have a toxic female in your life (many women are flying monkey’s for narcissists and abusers) ~ sit back and think before lashing out.

Women who support other women are women who want a better world for all.

Here is the Psychology of Trolling

Okay ~

Last thing ~ here is one of my FAVORITE Instagram pages @peacefulmindpeacefullife ~ where one can go to find a genuine healing space online ~ an authentic authentic place of healing

I’m a fan.


I hope you can get something out of the links I shared today.



Happiness happens when we are aware of and own our thoughts, behaviors and actions ~ here’s to your boundaries & self protection.

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