The Rise ~ An Easter Story

There is a story that circulates from time to time about a homeless man who sits outside of one of those mega churches.

Photo by Timur Weber on

He’s holding his cup, in hopes for some kindness by way of a donation to this hardship. People walk by, ignoring him, or telling him he shouldn’t be there.

A few times, someone will give him a donation. A few people are seen asking him to come into the church to pray with them. You can’t eat prayers, or house yourself with it, but the gesture of grace is still nice.

For the most part though, the people pouring into the church simply choose not to notice him at all. One kid gives him something to eat and a bottle of water.

Then, as they all settle in for the day of worship and prayer, the person who leads church announced that they were about to meet their new pastor (minister, etc. Titles are a blurry line).

They were all excited about this until the homeless man started walking down the center isle.

Some people tried to stop them. Others leaned away from his filth.

As he walked right up onto the stage, he began to disrobe. Now, people were getting concerned. A few of them tried to stop him until the announcer said,

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Smith is your new pastor.”

Stunned silence as the homeless man took off the rags to reveal a handsome, well dressed man in a suit.

Their new spiritual leader and pastor.

He went on to reflect on the lesson for them, and for himself. He reminded them of the teachings of Jesus and why they were all there in the first place.

Some were ashamed of themselves, while others were moved.

The bottom line ~ judgement ~ something that runs rampant today ~ along with the message that we are all human beings who deserve more than a majority of us are willing to give.

He didn’t do it to prove how much power he’d have over them. He did it to prove how much they’ve embraced the teachings of the very essence of why they were there.

I’ve tried church before.

I’ll leave my opinion out of it ~ you do you booboo.


Is it actually about Jesus anymore? 2000+ years is a long time to play telephone with the message of the OG.

Humans are human after all and all humans are flawed.

My church is a walk in the woods. There is more spiritual connection in time with the trees, than a crowded building full of shaming, blaming and tithing.

Photo: Karen Henry ~ Rainbows over Asheville

That’s it. I just edited about 3/4 of this ’cause … really … the parable was enough.

Here’s to your Happy Holiday and all that fun stuff.



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