Happy Divorce Day! For Survivors of DV ~

Today is the day I designate as Divorce Day!

When the malignant narcissist and Domestic Violence Abuser stalks you or ghost/shadow follows you on social media … for YEARS …. you already know how to take care of yourself.

But ~ when you are on the earlier stage of healing from abuse ~ you may need support.

This YOuTube fabulous coach offers GREAT advice.

When you had a pattern of being trauma bonded to people who were basically the same person in different bodies, you set out to heal.

Heal from the pattern. Heal from the negative self talk. Heal from the trauma bond. Know that there will be set backs.

When women with kids are out there alone in the world to heal from domestic violence and abuse, she feels isolated, alone and scared.





What many professionals have yet to learn ~ the emotional, social, psychological, mental, abuse that we go through before we are free.

Always remember and never forget ~ you will be free again. You will never be the same as you were before the healing.

You will be stronger.

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