Days of Change ~ Live like a Spy

Do you know what your digital footprint is?

Spy ~ Melissa McCarthy & those other guys

What the new Instagram/Facebook/WhatsApp policy is regarding your privacy?

Do you have full control over what you do or say or look for online?

Have you ever had cyber bullies?

THEY are fun!


What about cyber stalkers?

SUPER fun!

Ex’s who once said or tried to low key kill you? “Just kidding” of course?

(DV survivors hear this a LOT more than people realize).

Can we live without being attached to technology like we’re the Borg?

How long can we do without a home phone NOT a smart phone?

Is that even possible today?

I tried to do 3 things this morning. PayPal sent me down a rabbit hole on a wild goose chase just digging for an actual live human. Finally… after several attempts, they said it’s a 2-3 hour wait for one to get into the chat? Or, you guessed it … a call back.

For all the world is hiring the digital nomads, nobody is actually hiring anyone right now.

Or, they are cutting back in lieu of letting their automated system to problem solve.

Since closing HenryHealing (coaching, consulting work) for 6 months out of the year and made $0.0 with it in the 1st quarter ~ why have a business open that isn’t making any money?

I own the domain until 2024 so I’m using it to announce writing.

Amazon paid me a BIG check today. SO excited. I made (are you ready) …. $19.53 in BONUS sales.

KH Miller on Vella ~ I’m about to upload my 3rd story. Vella sales? … I learned … are not great.

The gig economy means … MORE attached? I learn from Freelancers. For that ~ I NEED social media access. When I saw how some Freelancers were treated on Fiverr or UpWork … I quickly backed out of that. I’m still looking for others with more respect and equity for the gig workers.

Why have a smart phone when you don’t USE a phone except to scroll TikTok or Instagram or use it for work (or potential work)?

In a way ~ we HAVE to have it. In a way … we don’t. Hard core learning is happening. **This YouTuber is a valuable resource if you’re thinking about the gig work life**

Giving away time ~ free content ~ free advice ~ free writing ~ doesn’t pay for a whole life … or cat food.

Cats are pretty mad about that. You can follow them on TikTok @ink1925 and Instagram @InkHoneyPub ~ the TikTok name was the same ~ but I deleted it … being sort of creeped out by it followed by a day later realizing I had to get over that ~ followed by seeing a dubious looking fake account had taken the name @inkhoneypub … that fecker.

So? Why not delete social media all together?

Because I was told by too many people that I’m NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE IT. This is a rebel taking a stand sort of thing.

**I have stories** 🙂

This is about the building of a career ~ NOT worrying what anyone else thinks.

CAN you delete all social media and technology for a whole week? Month?

Does social media make us lonelier or more connected?

Can we be present in the world and also online ~ especially when digital work ALSO takes up our working hours?

Are we being mindful of actual humans in our lives?

Reading books or mindlessly scrolling on Facebook?

Writing is happening.

I counted the hours I’ve been online in a 24 hour period ~ making a YouTube channel about it … I think.

When someone is healing or has healed from anything ~ they have to change … right?


Even here … I give away way too much

Words = $$ now so … taking it seriously, means paying attention to the business of Freelancing.

SO? Now what? It’s a new challenge. A new age old school mindset.

I don’t want to be a spy (though I would make an AWESOME spy, since I’m really very ordinary) … but since I’m too old for that ~ I’ll settle for studying the Dan Price philosophy of living a simpler, less complicated life.

At 58, If I achieve my goal of leveling up to Betty White awesomeness … that means I have FOUR more decades.

What are your Four Decades Business Plan? How about that life plan?

I’m writing mine now.

Also ~ if you missed Spy the movie … go check it out. It’s cute.

See you tomorrow.



The calling card _ online resume in full transparency ~ keeping the website up to announce writing

This is something that grounded jobs and people in them … NEVER have to do.

Exposing one’s self is a HUGE leap.

WHY do you share so much transparency?

Because people are going to dig until they SPY on your life either way ~

OH ~ and I am reopening my ETSY store … we’ll see if there’s any profit there.

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