Days of Change: Monday Edition Simplify

If you really want to change your life ~ you have to do something to break your routine.


You also have to adjust how you spend your time.

I’ve been using social media for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to learn HOW people use social media.
  2. I tried freelance writing for 3 months.

For whatever reason, a slew of creeps or lonely people (maybe some flying monkeys) slid into the DM’s. Not digging it.

I did finally get to figure out where the trending stuff is coming from.

It’s quite crowded and loud on social media.

I prefer the simple, quiet, peaceful life.

That’s what I’m working on.

How to use it without losing it.

That’s it ~ another day of change ~

I don’t like crowds ~ or loud ~ or unwelcome DM’s with zero meaning ~ that seem more like spam than genuineness. I delete them. I delete everything that doesn’t have a purpose or meaning for my life.

Try it ~ think of it all as junk mail. The world used to send it to our homes, but now? Digital junk mail also weighs us down. Delete it. Don’t even open it. “Select all” ~ keep the 1-2 you want, “Delete” the rest.

And newsletters? I know that writers depend on them. So do life coaches. Me? I hate them. Send me 200-300 words of copy w/a link. Then, let me decide. In our digital world ~ it helps to cut down on wasting our time.

Today ~ time is currency. When I was ill over December and January, I fell down the rabbit hole of digital media ~ where did that lead me? Nowhere I needed to be. A life lesson learned. The moral of the story?




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