Ugh! Edits

Yes … I know! I should have edited these posts … more, and better and again.

My 2021 foster kittens ~ rescued and repaired back to thriving cat function. It’s kitten season so go adopt a cat from a rescue! They turn into majestic, magical beasts!

There is power in the hiring of a good editor.

Maybe my blog is a PSA for the importance of editors.

I just found 10 glitches I could go back and fix in today’s post alone.

I’ll leave it alone and let it go.

The little things ~ we can let slide. The bigger ones? Not as much.

Hey reader, I have a question … I don’t want to add advertising on this page.

I just tried to read something that was so flooded with ads (not my page) that I couldn’t even see the article! Yikes. The page owners were so heavily dressed in floating advertising, I just … quickly, said, “Nope” and moved on.

I’m thinking about a little affiliate marking here instead?

This is just shop talk.

Here’s a cat ~ have a good night. 🙂

Write you tomorrow … let’s get back to work!


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