Days of Change: Choose You

Choose you. Always choose yourself first.

Google Image: Red Panda

If anyone tries to tell you that you are not worthy of your own life in ANY way … stand up taller, pivot, then walk out ~ no matter what. Be clear in saying,

“I do not receive that” ~ (thank you Elyse Myers for that one)

I’m talking about the 1st time they are rude, or dismissive, or disrespectful. Even if they say, “Just kidding” ~ feck that. No. Let them know right there on the spot that you don’t accept what they threw down.


A full sentence.

It’s not up to you to figure them or it out. That’s their issue.

It took me YEARS to learn that. Don’t wait years.

People are unhappy because navigating this world is HARD. We need to feed our minds with healthy, happy, whole person things but we don’t because we also spend too much time allowing society to judge us.

You have to love yourself as the greatest relationship of your life. Be alone. For a long period of time. Enjoy your own company.

Take yourself out. Eat alone. Go to the movies alone. Go on vacation alone. Learn how to enjoy your life, all alone.

Meme Art made on Canva @henryhealingdotcom

Then, and only then … will you feel like a whole human in the company of others.

Get out there with the confidence of a Red Panda who is standing their ground.

Have you made your declaration statements yet?

  1. Know your worth
  2. Live your truth
  3. Ignore haters
  4. Live in the moment
  5. Embrace change
  6. Dismiss disrespect
  7. Love yourself 1st
  8. Stand up taller
  9. Breathe deeply
  10. Laugh, a lot, including with (not at) your life

Happy Sunday ~ make it a fun day ~ even if ‘fun’ means sitting in silence, chatting with your cat (or dog).


I’m off to drop a new chapter in the Kindle Vella dystopian Paranormal, The Dreamer Chronicles and the paranormal romance, Ashes to Aether.

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