Days of Change: They Can’t HANDLE the Truth

Recently someone decided to troll the incandescent Paulina Porizkov … who is a rock star and has been since the 80’s. They told her she was “old and ugly” … um ~ here’s my take on it.

Hilda by Duane Bryers

IF we are unable to celebrate another human AS is ~ then they are not our business.

IF we can’t stand to see humans above the age of 40 … there are plenty of therapists out there who can help you … once you hit your own 40’s … you will need some help.

IF you think a radiant, happy, positive person who is real in her vulnerability about her life is a problem … then why are you following her.

There are 8+ other billion people in the world … why spend a minute of any day focusing on the people you don’t like.

What a sadness that is.

Did she hurt you personally? If so, I get it. You have some issues to work out. To attack her person or physical body? That’s childish.

FYI ~ if you look like Hilda and want to naked garden, that’s also nobody’s business.

Be who you are ~ the world will adjust.

Whether you look like Hilda or Paulina ~ there is room in this world ~ including the digital world, for everyone.

Be a good person.

Be a good human.

Stop being a schmuck to people if you don’t like them.

If someone’s public image is bugging you, then adjust accordingly.

Trust me, I have several volumes of schmucks’ I’d love to write about but when I ask my “why” I realize that they are not worth it.

Life is entirely too precious to worry about them. Let karma do her work.


The Tamron Hall Show ~ another woman I think is amazing.

OH ~ here are the other Hilda images … she’s so full of joy … how can you not love this 50’s Pinup ???

Bored Panda did a great job of gathering the images of Duane Bryers

The truth is ~

Women in general are feeling really good about aging these days. I know that plastic surgery is really popular right now, and hey … if that’s what you want for yourself …. then I hope you can afford it and it turns out the way you wanted it to.

I’m on Team Embrace One’s Self As Is ~

For me that just makes more sense.

Society can be very cruel. More and more women are clapping back at that.

And hey …. backstory … I was raised in a misogynistic world where men objectified females … all ages of females. They talked about women as if women were objects put on earth for their entertainment. The ONLY time they didn’t dare, is if she had more money and power than them, then, for their own reasons, they backed down and respected her.

Quite frankly, being “the ugly one” probably saved my life more than once and it certainly saved me from horrors that women and girls have to go through their whole lives.

I don’t care about them. I hope they get the day they deserve if they’re still alive today. Some are. Some are not. They will always be replaced by yet another one who will look and sound just like them.

OH, and trust me … not a single man who was that hateful or hurtful toward women was anything to write home about. As a matter of fact, most of them were and are … pretty gross.

For the rare few who were handsome, their personalities made them ugly.

People who know me from work, know that I am an avid anti-sexual harassment advocate … this is a tiny splinter of why.

That’s another story.

This one focuses on women standing in their own pool of self confidence ~

YOU can handle aging well and that is why you are the strongest people in society ~ something some more fragile just can’t handle. They can’t handle the truth that you love yourself … just as you are.

@happinessnoir is going to be inactive for May and June ~ we are creating a new adventure

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