Days of change: Short and True

So I hear that “blogs” are dead … according to someone who is selling her Vlog. :/

Instagram @inkhoneypub

Always remember to fact check your sources. Jenn Mann is still doing alright. So is The House of Hargrove. The two blog/vlog/YouTube/social channels I like to read and follow.

One uses merch and books + press tours & the other uses affiliate marketing.


I haven’t monetized this Happiness Noir at all.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t do much other than write … for free … STILL my intellectual property (see copyright laws) and yet … people steal from freelancers and online writers far too often.

How do you make a living at it?

The 20-somethings are still claiming you can make $$$ 6-figure salaries at it. Some do ~ they bring the receipts … which just means, they have proof.

Language cultivates change … OR, does change cultivate language?

Last week, I finished three pieces that took me several hours + research, (not just winging it like here) and I still haven’t been paid.

Contracts … I really should become a lawyer … a copyright lawyer. They are few and far between and yet, very needed. It’s also hard to pay a lawyer when your clients don’t pay you.


Now what?

I’m flipping the house of Henry Healing a bit.

I’m taking a couple of months … maybe one …. before jumping back in.

I’ll create some Canva memes in the meme time (see what I did there). 🙂

I’m also adding in some merch. (spell check doesn’t like the word ‘merch’ btw).

Painting takes a long time, but by the time I’m happy with it, ETSY is where original work goes to die. You don’t just paint and sell ~ you have to create a whole artist STORY to go along with it.

Simplicity means ~ be yourself and let the world adjust … not cater to the whims of a bored society with the attention span of a flea.

MY mantra is … when I paint or write … that’s my headspace. What you see or interpret in my work is none of my business.

Byron Katie turned that very philosophy into a generous 7-figure business … she’s no 20-year old but her philosophical boundary hard playbook has changed her life. It’s a matter of … what works also has to be authentic.

ETSY can be successful, but it’s a full time job/lifestyle. So is writing. So is freelancing. So is the art of the practice of psychology.

Doing too many things at once took away from all of them.

I’m thinking about WHO sells where and how ~ there’s a YouTube for that. But … there are a lot of lying garbage, fake info. filled YouTubes too. Finding the pearls is the goal.

It’s a hella affiliate market for mass produced stuff or sloppy up cycled stuff … and EBAY is now just a giant warhorse of fake “garage sales” that scam people …. its not for the people anymore. It’s for giant companies and direct marketing entrepreneurs. The purity and simplicity is now gone.

SO ….

After three months … and a lot of writing … ’cause let’s face it … Kindle Vella is less than pennies on the dollar plus SUPER vulnerable to book thieves … that’s not the way to go.

Tik Tok is vulnerable to massive amounts of trolls and abusive trouble makers who think it’s fun to be that way (what’s WRONG with people).

Instagram is … for pretty people and cleaver content creators.

This blog?

What’s the point?

People are in to following the mega celebrities who all have the same agent ~ or have a dubious side. There are some lovely content creators who pump out a mixed media content … and me? With a now long dead bachelor’s degree in mass media …

OH yeah … did you know that college degrees can age out? I’ve been told that by several people … but then, there are massive amounts of people with no college degree but a charming personality with mad editing skills with 8 million followers watching them be … silly.

maybe blogs are dead.

or, maybe … they need a facelift and a twist.

see … I even stopped using punctuation …. I guess it’s cool now to stop using grammar and punctuation … just … throw it down and lean into the charm of doing as little as possible to create


or maybe … I’ll use writing in a more productive way ….

People reinvent themselves all the time.

Time to hit the drawing board.

If something in your life isn’t working ~ stop what you’re doing ~ evaluate it ~ keep what you love ~ ditch what you don’t.

Write fiercely ~ edit often



So here it is in a nutshell ~

  • Find ONE thing, turn that into a full time focus
  • Enjoy ONE thing at a time, then simplify it to it’s base state
  • Create an iron clad contract so you don’t keep getting ripped off.
  • Monetize as much of it as possible, the social media is your advertising.
  • Pay attention to the flags
  • Ask yourself ~
    • who is there to help you?
    • who is there taking advantage of you?
    • who is there to cheer for you, even when you are a $1.00 celebrity?

YOU are entitled to live a well balanced, happy, free-of-struggle, lovely life.

If that means you go it alone for a while, until better people come along .. then enjoy the adventure. You don’t have to trek across the world to prove your independence.

You just have to persevere.

Keep going ~;~your story isn’t over.

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