Special Edition: You have the right to say nothing

Photo by Michelle Reeves on Pexels.com

Social media trends I love:

Seeing all the good and positive things in the world ~ kindness, helping, sharing, cheering strangers on who’ve achieved their goals.

Social media trends that I hate:

Seeing trolls, bottom dwelling stalkers and random strangers who are just scrolling for a rumble with total strangers for no reason other than, they think it’s funny ~ or … they have issues that are unresolved.

I have VERY strong opinions but many are not your business or, they are not going to make a dent in resolving world problems.

I have a choice.

I can contribute my POV and voice to the justice and equity in the world


I can stay quiet and keep my peaceful, pleasant life

No matter what we do, someone is going to start screaming at us ~ even if they don’t know us.

They scream if we share our opinion (which is our right)

They scream if we stay quiet, as if we OWE them our opinion to back up their opinion (which is our right).

People are just screaming to scream

Is there a scream therapy clinic anywhere?

If not, there should be.

The people who stay quiet are doing so for their own mental health ~ respect that.

The people who are being vocal are doing so for their own mental health ~ respect that too.

Humans are being SO human right now.

I’ve just spent two entire years in relative solitude in the mountains to heal from 30 years of trauma ~ I am not interested in getting back into it as one of the masses.

MY POV will be specific, my own, and focused on solutions ~ not getting into a tit for tat with a stranger on the internet.




IF you need to heal or get your rage out … ’cause there is a LOT to rage about my female friends in particular ~ do so with caution.

Short story made shorter ~ dangerous people are out there who would love to hurt anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Me? I’m thinking about moving to Greenland to live with the seals & the puffins.

Here is a really great resource for you in case you are looking for some healing wisdom from the internet ~ The Good News Network is a concrete, research based newsletter that is written by academics for the public as a resource.

something I heard today ~ “I’m no longer job hunting, from here on out, I’m joy hunting” ~ I won’t give the source ’cause I didn’t ask her permission to quote her but … it was the BEST advice from an academic in a career transition. The same is true for transcending toxic everything.

Quote from The Professor is Out page on Facebook

I use mindful meditation … a LOT

Star Wars Purist here …. May the 4th be with you. 🙂

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