Mother’s Day Edition ~ Happy Alternative Parenting Day …

K ~ @inkhoneypub

To the traditional, quintessential, safe and happy moms who had everything you ever dreamed of in your life ~ Happy Mother’s Day

To all the non-traditional, alternative moms who adopted, or raised your kids single, or inherited, or did double duty as grandma and mom ~ Happy Mother’s Day

To all the women out there who gave birthday, then spend this day thinking about that time you put a baby that grew in your body, up for adoption because that was the right choice for you ~ Happy Mother’s Day.

To all the women and girls out there who chose not to carry an unwanted pregnancy ~ and this day is one heavy with reflection, or emotions you don’t talk about ~ Happy You Day.

TO all the Moms out there who had children with more than one partner over the course of your fertilized life.

Becoming and Being a mother/care giver/custodial parent or however else they decide to define us ~

We KNOW none of it is easy and not a single story is exactly like all the others.

Here’s to ALL the writers (NOT Disney, who clearly HATES mothers) who write in the truth about motherhood … it’s fucking hard on each and every one who has chosen to become one.

Adoption. Gay. Cis-gendered. Vaginal Birth. C-Section Birth. Elder Mom Empty Nester. Elder Mom beginning Motherhood in your 50’s. Super young Moms who kept a child. Super young Moms who gave the baby up. People just trying to survive the night. People who lost your kids. People who needed to be a woman, and dream of one day being a Mom. People who volunteer or work in orphanages and are loving, kind care givers. People who did their best, but needed a few false starts before getting it right. People who have NO idea what you’re doing, but you want to be a good mom. People who are birthing in prison, but can’t keep your child. People who live in the big beautiful life full of grace, extravagance and abundance. People who wish you could have done more. People fleeing a terrible situation with nothing but your child and clothes on your backs. People who raised children with a domestic violence abuser. People who raised children by yourself. People who raise fur babies and know that they ARE your children. People who couldn’t have children but feel an ache in your heart because you always wanted one, and know you’d make an amazing mom.

There’s an even longer list ~ but the message is the same.

The traditional Hallmark holidays are meant for a small fraction of the community while missing out on so many many others.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who didn’t get the card and flowers.



From our friendly neighborhood Rabbit Mama

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