May is Mental Health Awareness Month: Checking in

I’ve been checking in by checking out. This month is giving tribute to healthy mental status. How are you doing, mentally? Psychologically? Emotionally? Physically? Socially? Fiscally?

Some free digital printable reminders to print, cut out, put around your house or office, and keep around in case you forget how awesome you are … just as you are.

**YES … I added that one in twice … on purpose … it’s the #1 thing that trauma survivors have to remind themselves of all day every day until they believe it themselves**

For me?

This page and all my social media is under a level-up construction project.

Metaphors from the writing side of my life … I used to go to writer’s retreats and conferences. SO many of them. I’m not a social creature … socializing with strangers is not my favorite thing to do, but I loved the structure, the free books *I have a thing for swag* and weekend to think about thinking. Meeting people was usually if an extrovert found me and befriended me.

My ambivert sat securely on the fence, waiting for an accidental friendship. I was 100% okay with not actually hanging out with anyone. Always am. Always will be. I like … no, I LOVE my alone time.

It is there that I found myself again.

Some extroverted people see it as lonely. I see it as peaceful, calm, and secure in knowing there’s more to life than being social.

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If you want to live a life you love, you have to do this … write fast, edit often. I like that advice that pretty much every writer I’ve ever met says about their work. The same is true in life.

There is no better education than experience, but there is no better experience than education. Learning how to live in write-rewrite-write mode is a metaphor of course.

You want to live in a state of wonder, curiosity and joy?

You have to cultivate it yourself.

You have to speak up for yourself ~ something that survivors of trauma don’t always remember or know how to do.

I started thinking about all these inspirational women out there who wrote books that influence or inspire or motivate. They did the book first, then the blog. Except for a few of the lady/mom bloggers who turned their blogs into a profitable business. *Jenn Mann is my favorite, followed in a close second from The House of Hargrove*. Not a plug, just a fangirl. Totally different approaches.


Writing IS a business. The words and content are your product. If you write for free, you are giving away your earnings. Do you think Tiffany’s does that with jewelry? Probably to wealthy people. They make serious bank from selling to the middle class who want to look wealthy. Classic sales and advertising. Create the illusion.

Except … not everyone is interested in material things. The Cottage Fairy (YouTuber) certainly master’s the craft of simplicity.

You get to choose your life. *yes, I know … I see the news too… that’s a whole other argument and story … the whole control over our female reproductive health thing is an outrage … and yes, I use a lot … a LOT of potty words so keep it off of my content*

Isn’t that ironic?

The people who are MOST offended by a female human using cursing are usually also the same people who act entitled to judge her for it and every other part of her life, for everything that isn’t exactly like them!

For survivors of trauma or other really difficult life experiences … you forget that from time to time. YOU get to be you! And … you deserve to be paid well for your work.



That’s my check in for today … are you living the life you want for yourself? What’s working? Keep it. What’s not working? Dump it.

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