Hey House of Happiness Noir … how’s it going

I’m on a social media cleanse but I have been thinking of the readers here … hope y’all are well.

Ted Lasso Gif

I’m also still actively writing, but more focused and purposefully so.

Writing Kindle Vella’s … those are still going. Overdue actually. The goal was to have the 1st two finished by now, but … the slow road and savoring simply are just … a mosey and not a race.

Readers want to binge the whole book in a single sitting. Not me.

I like taking my time with a fine wine, a great book, and watching some sunset action.

The beach life is more my speed.

So is following great leaders ~ both fictional and real.

Have you read Adam Grant? Seth Godin? Lisa Bilyeu? Mel Robbins?

There are a bunch of them.

I want to be inspired to get in there and make life happen on purpose.

Feck those people who try to drag you down into the toxic sludge that is an inauthentic life not meant for you. That’s NOT on the menu.

Being happy means you are going to experience some sad. That’s normal, healthy and common.

Be bored! Boredom is the new happy.

Simplicity means appreciation of the small things rather than the big, gluttonous “need/want” cycle that brings people down.

That’s it ~ thinking about you and hoping you are well.

I’m channeling my inner Ted Lasso today … looking forward to season 3.

See y’all in a few weeks.


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