Are you seeing what I’m seeing? ~ lean in, you’ll see it too.

What is not said is as valuable as what is said. Actually, actions do in fact, speak louder than words.

I have writing music on. I’m sharing ’cause its good for the writing brain.

Promoting a well-being model, but then gaslighting people into a catatonic state of learned hopelessness is not a healing modality. It’s a kissing cousin to domestic violence.

When you have been told you’re whole life that the problems you have or the issues that keep you from thriving are all your fault, but then, they tell you that you need to stay heavily medicated on prescription drugs or live under the umbrella of your childhood abusers ~ they aren’t helping you heal.

They are replacing one toxic experience with another one.

For what?

Because if the whole world were able to lose fear, remember they are unconditionally loved by the universe itself, and can in fact, live their lives, as they are, without judgement or analysis ~ do no harm to others, but instead …. be the best version of themselves, we would lose entire industries.

The diet/weight loss industry would be gone.

The addictions/disordered thinking industry would be gone.

The fashion industry would have to change.

The religion industry would have to change.

People like Tony Robinson would go out of business (any probably should).

Education would have to change.

The world of holistic healing would have to change.

It’s a long list, but you get the point.


When people heal from trauma, they will see the tell tale signs right away. They do not go back to it. They won’t allow it in their line of sight. Nope. Not happening.

If it comes back around to say, “hey, you … you’re a sucker for toxic culture … we’re here to test your strength”

The answer for every person who healed from something, is a resounding, Nope. Not today or any day after.

People who abuse others will learn eventually that they can’t always get away with it.

People who were once abused by others …. will eventually …. become the stronger people you meet.

They won’t try to prove anything or feel the need to explain themselves.

They’ll simply …. walk away.

If someone is a powerful influencer, then just … walks away from a bad situation or toxic work culture … they will lean in to what will serve them even more.

(Is anyone getting that or should I be more obvious?). Sheryl Sandberg wrote a book called, ‘Lean In’ ~ I’ll let you do the math.

I’m excited to read up on her next adventure.

Women in particular are no longer accepting what they can not change. They are changing what they can not accept.

I’m still on a social media vaca. but this topic is one I wanted to pin for further discussion, and it’s fresh on my mind.

Now, I’m going to peek into Facebook to see what the advertisers are trying to sell me today.

I don’t see ‘friends’ or a social network nearly as much as the advertising.

It’s starting to feel like the 5th Element is upon us … much sooner than we realized.

To all the Sci-Fi writers out there. I hope you’re taking notes. It’s all around us.


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