Research piles up

When you set out on a journey of existential proportions … you have to simply live in the experience.

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No amount of someone else’s happiness will get you through your own life journey.

You have to get out there.

I’m still in the middle of the journey …. all the way through July …. and like Forest Gump on his running quest …. I already know when I know when it’s over.

It’ll be over when I get there.

In the immortal words of Mark Furray [a profit/philosopher I met along the way] ~ where is there? There is where you’re at.


I named a character after that unique person. I haven’t Vella’d in a while …. but …. when you write …. you’re writing and when you explore … you delve into the experience.

take notes


write down your emotions

enjoy and most important …. slow down

create a playlist

Here’s the thing that is maybe the most important part of cultivating a great lived experience …. try not to attach … to anything.

Plans and highly detailed organized agendas are not always the best way to explore. this hyper need to organize may be great for conferences, not not so much for wanting to see how the world works.

Sure, there are organized and controlled trips and yes, I already hear the quantitative researchers in my head disputing this. I get that.

I’m qualitative. I want to know the lived experience.

I want to know what getting lost feels like.

I want to know how people act ~ particularly when they assume you can do nothing for them.

Especially when they think they are somehow better than you are. That one is fun.

The House of Henry Healing

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