One Word …

June 24 2022 ~ the day the lights went out for female reproductive rights ~ female healthcare ~ humans with a uterus.

gify chess

I tried to think of something to say … something that would describe the day. This is more than just women’s healthcare …. it’s the elected officials … playing a game with people’s lives.

They are drunk on their own Pius power. How many centuries have powerful people fecking with the lives other millions … for their own personal gain.

Which chess piece do YOU feel like?

’cause that’s what we all are to the people in power.

The infinity loop is ~ every year, yet another person rises to power ~ then they let it get to their head ~ then they feel entitled to assume to know the story of other people’s lives ~ well you get it.

I stand with people having autonomy over their own bodies.

The wild thing about having a lot to say is … when we are speechless … that’s when we know the world at large is about to change. On a grand scale. For literally hundreds of millions of people.

There are days when there are no words ~ only …

knowing how much hurt half this country is causing for the other half without any empathy or compassion or community.

Just count the number of confederate yee-ha hate flags that are flying all over the place.

Y’all …

This is a very dark day indeed.

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