What IS the meaning of all this?

Roe isn’t about abortion and the GOP conservatives aren’t giving two fucks about “babies” or children.

Malala Foundation … a reminder to all females

Here in the United States …. we are not united … not even a little bit these days.

They don’t care if a dangerous pregnancy kills a woman

They don’t care if a 12 year old child was raped or if her little body can carry a fetus to term

They don’t care if a terminal fetus has to be carried to term, endangering the well-being and medical safety of the female ~ not to mention the psychological well-being of the entire family unit

They don’t care about kids ~

If they did …

We’d have more affordable access to healthcare

We’d have more affordable daycare and the daycare workers would make a living wage

We’d have food and basic housing accessible and not just the cheap crap you get at a dollar store

We’d have schools that welcome and fed the children of financially fragile

We’d have tougher laws on males that rape and abuse females

We’d have harsh punishments for males who rape their own nieces, and daughters

We’d have a legal system that actually protected single mothers

We’d live in a society that didn’t treat solo pregnant women like “she did this to herself”

We’d have a society that didn’t call a pregnant female a ‘whore’ just because they didn’t know how she got that way or the back story

We’d live in a society that actually respected females and offered her a safe space

There would be all those protesters with signs outside of abortion clinics that would read, “let me help you, no judgement” instead of “baby killer”

There would be gov’ paid therapy for the mental exhaustion and emotional toll of being pregnant at all

There would be NO babies in cages at the border … ever and they certainly wouldn’t take them away from their parents by force … at gun point

There would be systems set up to HELP and not so many that HURT both fetus and pregnant female

They (the GOP conservatives) wouldn’t sound so GD naive when it came to ectopic pregnancy which is just mind glowingly shocking.

They (the conservative bible thumpers) would have actually read their bible AND the constitution and realized that one is not the same as the other.

They would ALSO realize that this entire country is based on having civil liberties and freedom to make decisions for ourselves, by ourselves, on our own terms. NOT theirs.

The new christians … the ones who turned our Jewish, brown skinned, middle eastern, 2000 year old philosopher into a blond haired, blue eyed … whatever that is …. wouldn’t assume that they were the ONLY religion in a country whose very foundation is “religious freedom”.

And yeah …. females in our country would have MORE rights than fucking guns. But nope.

Y’all will protect the white kid who kills babies in their schools while telling females you HAVE to have babies ’cause ‘we care so much’.

No. Ya don’t.

Target …. and the rest of you retails putting out prairie dresses …. go fork yourselves.

Listening to the blind ignorance of some of our elected officials talk is infuriating …. but then, I finally realized WHY it’s so infuriating …

They all sound exactly like domestic violence narcissists who abuse their target

And finally …. IF you insist on calling a fetus a “baby” ~ then the female carrying that baby is entitled to financial assistance from the government. She is entitled to the W.I.C. and SNAP benefits if she’s financially fragile. The person who impregnated her has to pay child support.

She gets FULL custody as it lives in her house (her womb)

She gets a tax break on her taxes

AND …. all y’all nosy people who are calling her a whore? Throw her a damn baby shower and give her everything she needs to help her keep said, unwanted ~ forced pregnancy.


You won’t do any of these things?

Tell me again how you care SO MUCH about a fetus. If you are medically ignorant about how human anatomy or fetal development works … you don’t get a vote or a say.

Watch MamaDoctorJones on YouTube …. she’ll help you to understand how pregnancy works.


Dr. Jones on Mama Doctor Jones

I’d share some religious stuff too but …. I DON’T PUSH MY BELIEF SYSTEM ONTO ANYONE. (AHEM …)

Bottom line is this …

YOU have the right to carry a pregnancy anytime you wish, at any time of your life.

YOU have the right to support pregnancy and babies.

YOU get to do whatever you want with YOUR body.

What you don’t have the right to do?

Tell other people what they are allowed to do with their bodies. Nobody gets to own another human being. It’s vile and disgusting to assume you are entitled to someone else’s decisions they make about their body and life. It’s theirs …. keep your opinions off of her.




BTW, over on Linkedin ~ DICK’s Sporting Goods, Yelp, Virgin (Richard Branson) and a slew of other companies are standing up for and supporting their employee’s reproductive health. DICK’s has offered $4,000 to help an employee get the medical procedure she needs, even if that means flying her to where she needs to go. Go see for yourself.

What is the meaning of all of this?

We are seeing very clearly …. why Woman: In Search of Meaning …. is developing for the collective. Inspired by Frankl’s Man in Search of Meaning.

To be continued ….

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