July – December … what is the MEANING of all this?

War against Ukraine … the stories and images coming out are heartbreaking. Here in the United States … war against women’s autonomy and control of their own bodies and reproductive health is heartbreaking.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Especially when we hear mind boggling ignorance pouring from the faces of other women who are political above being intelligent or educated.

The first time I was exposed to racial tensions and race riots was in the 1970’s in New Jersey. I was a kid when I saw my first actual cops in swat gear in a fight in the streets. I was a young teen when we moved out of Jersey to a rural town in upstate NY where there were literally NO black people until one family moved in … the boys were super sweet and friends with all of us and we with them.

I never knew that two of my favorite friends in school were gay … in the early 80’s … it wasn’t discussed, which today, breaks my heart. They didn’t come out until a decade later. Why didn’t we allow them to discuss it? I didn’t talk about relationships at all. My friends ALL had boyfriends and girlfriends, but not me. Not until college and that … was a shit show.

When you go through a life review road trip, you start to remember the places where your growth went awry or where you got stuck.

Do you do that?

The life review?

Most of my female friends got married to guys who basically paid for their lives. Or, they had jobs, but their careers were being a full time mom.

My life didn’t go that way.

This year, I’m tackling a journey through the human life span ~ one in which I’m exploring the MEANING of life from the lens of a qualitative research and from deep diving into the literature, pop culture, scientific research along with the theories and speaking to the experts in the field.

When we can clarify the meaning and purpose while designing our “why” ~ we are free to be the best version of ourselves.

There is a lot to unpack on this journey … a few bumps in the road and a whole lot of engagement in new ways while looking at the old ideas that no longer serve humanity.

For now?

I’m off to buy a cat tree … priorities.

Hope you have a wonderful July 2022 and let’s HOPE that all people will be treated with kindness, love and hope.

The thing I cherish most about living in the United States (even though we are not so united at the moment) is with politics aside, and hot topics on the shelf … people are basically good to each other when face to face.

Maybe … just maybe … we need more savoring and less anxiety producing front line news?

We shall see.



let the digital nomad journey begin …

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