Have you ever …

There is a kid’s game called, “never have I ever …”

The grown up version IMO< is ‘Have you ever …’

Have you ever …. healed from something you can’t believe you survived … but here you are?

Have you ever … failed, but don’t regret it ’cause you learned so much from it?

Have you ever … outgrown something that was a staple to your life prior to that moment you realize it no longer serves you?

Have you ever … known something to be true, but also realized that if you have a little voice in the back of your head saying, ‘dig deeper’?

Listened to someone who was SO sure of themselves but so wrong … a thing that once upon a time would have triggered you but now, you choose to just … let them be wrong.

Known in your heart of hearts … where your boundaries are and what you’ll never put up with again?

The House of Henry Healing is currently in writing mode … & Ink Honey Pub is painting while actively training an emotional support puppy. Follow on Instagram for pics … if you wish. @inkhoneypub

Have you ever leveled up to an age where you thought … this is the one. This is the age I really like.

For women … many women …. hitting 50 is when she’s in her stride … hitting 60 is when she’s living her best life.

I’m in training for 60.

Life lessons learned to the degree where I have a PhD in Lived Experience.

How about you?

What level are you on?

We’re not here to compete with each other ~ only people who are nervous about who they are will think that.

Here’s to you if you really love who you are ’cause you know what battles you had to fight to become you.




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