Building a world or, Being in the one already there

Some quick truths about being IN the world and not just writing about it or researching it.

IF someone is NOT talking about their personal experience … they don’t have to.

IF someone is NOT telling you their personal sorrow … they don’t owe you anything.

IF someone wants to write about their life as they lived it, they can. BUT …. there is always a but …. if they abuse or abused people, (domestic violence, narcissistic personality disorder, etc.) … they WILL paint themselves the victim. It’s an awful experience that nobody should be subjected to.

When someone has a great experience …. that also belongs to them.

If you’re happy with your life …. that’s awesome for you. We’re happy for you.

But … if you’re not happy with your life … then it’s something to work on.

Writer’s build worlds in their writing. Why don’t people build worlds in their living?

Some people do ~ not everyone realizes that they can.

Here’s to your world building.



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