Random Tips … to get your mind off of the big stuff

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When planning your life ~ don’t just live it in auto-pilot mode ~ one day, you wake up and realize that life lived you, not the other way around. Take over and wake up to who you are.

Sounds like a cheesy meme that’s saturated with wishful thinking but seriously … it’s true. Not everyone actually likes their lives.

Why else would the self-help industry be a billion dollar business?

With that said … while I’m making a decision that’ll change the course of my life … I’m going to offer up some universal tips. You’re welcome! 🙂 LOL

  1. Don’t Door Dash fresh produce … that dasher isn’t going to bring you the stuff that’s fresh but not about to rot. (Sharing from a friend)
  2. When you’re making a giant life shift … don’t make a dramatic shift to everything all at once, all at the same time. There’s some shock value to that.
  3. If you want to live a simple life … don’t be surprised if you also grieve the stuff you’re about to give up (or lose).
  4. Grief is under talked about in transformations.
  5. Here’s one you may not know … when it’s really hot out or when YOU are getting overheated … find some cold water (any source will do), put it on a cloth, then on the back of your neck. Your whole body will cool down.
  6. *This one comes from social media* ~ no matter how confident someone is in delivering their content online … sometimes, they are wrong. A lot of times, they are creating the life they wish they were living.
  7. There is a way to learn someone’s ‘tell’. I know, it’s been in pop culture, but it’s also a thing. No, I didn’t learn how to read people’s non-verbal language on YouTube … but it’s not a bad way to start. LOL ~ a LOT of professional psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists are on social media teaching people how to become more aware of themselves.
  8. I’m a strong believer in digital/virtual therapy. Once upon a time, rural areas were stuck with the same few therapists. That is not always a good thing. It CAN be a bad thing. The pandemic gave us all the gift of online choices which also diversifies our ability to pick and choose who we align with.
  9. This one is the one for anyone who has the time, means and inclination to start something new. Do it. You don’t need the top of the line supplies in order to do it. Get out to the thrift shops and buy from them. OR, if you DO have the means to buy the best of the best (be it knitting needles or a cello), then go do that. You won’t be good at it for about a thousand tries, but you CAN enjoy the process of learning. Learning something new is very satisfying if your heart is in it.
  10. This one is MY pet peeve to work on ~ letting go of ~ things that other people say, do or believe in. That means … never will I ever (again) … comment on a public page on social media. LOL I mean, how many of us have done that, then wish we could take it back to avoid the cess pool that is online drama. 😮 More times than I can count. Ugly is trending when it comes to online comment sections … it only took me a decade to learn to let that shite go.

OH … and when it comes to your favorite snack ~ buy the good stuff (if you have the means to do so). Not everyone does.

That’s it for today … I am procrastinating right now … thinking out loud about what step I’m taking next.

We can change what we do, how we look, the way we dress, and how we live our lives at any given moment. What we can’t change, we can make peace with or kvetch about. The choice is ours.

Here’s to your adventure today … but seriously … the meal/grocery delivery thing … that’s a fact. Also …how bougie of me to talk about that. There are people out there just wondering how they are going to pay for food for the day or how to buy diapers … we must never forget about others. Ever.

If you have to give up a $5 Latte to offer it to someone on the street … then give it to someone on the street. If you say, “but I work hard for my money” … don’t you think they also have to work hard … + give up their dignity in order to do it. At the very least, look people in the eye and wish them a good day … the way we treat people is the truth of our character.



Photo by S Migaj on Pexels.com

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