What if I told you …

I have a lot in the queue … ‘draft’ versions of things I’m working on. My promise to myself is that first, I’ll never settle (again).

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Second, I’ll never allow anyone to disrespect, or devalue me. As is the right of every human being on earth.

Third, I’ll create invisible lines in the sand. Once crossed, I’ll simply walk away … no drama. No discussion. No take-backs. Just … walk away.

Another thing that people do when they finally healed from trauma and a life time of stuff that was never meant for them is that occasionally, there will be slip ups or mistakes.

Life is filled with choices and nobody gets it exactly right.

For all that some people want to shake things up, or get loud with their opinions … others simply want peace & quiet. They prefer the hygge life. They live for the calm. They heal from toxic workplaces, or people so they have no interest in inviting that back in.

It seems that social media craves the trauma and drama. Scrolling social media gives me a headache. Listening to one talking head after another in 5 second to 3 minute sound bites is a manic experience. I can only tolerate so much.

Life with a vision, a goal, and a rescue pet or two is enough for one person to deal with.

Screaming on the internet or being ‘outraged’ all the time … no thanks. People who tolerate that are already in a heightened sense of alert and triggered trauma. They need to heal. It’s normal for them to feel that rush of adrenaline and chaos.

For others, the opposite is true.

There are some careers that seem to crave chaos. Politicians. Content creators on social media. Lawyers (trial lawyers). Mid-level managers who are eager to reach the glass ceiling. Ambitious young academics who want to be kings and queens of Narnia … and academia … power hungry over quality sorts of folks.

And hey … if that’s what brings you joy … good on you.

But for everyone who is healed from things that created a need for a healing space and time? Calm is the new happiness and comfort is the new goal.

100% I get why people are screaming. I was screaming in my head for a very very very long time. It’s part of the process of the journey of healing from trauma.

There is another end though.


That’s the goal, the moral of the story and the mission. To live in a world (your own world) where there is peace.

I’m tired of hearing people of every demographic ~ generalize any other demographic.

“I hate ____________ people”

“____________ people are idiots”

” We should destroy _____________ people”

The all inclusive assumption that all of any one people (age, race, religion, creed, color, background, economic status, etc.) is bad or good … is a made up thing for click bait.

The journey toward the next five months of 2022 is not to join in the cacophony of complainers or rioters but instead to focus soulfully on the adventure of finding Meaning, discovery, and things that offer comfort and joy to all.

Clearly, peace is not on the agenda for this year …. let’s see about that. I have some topics to tackle in my life as a psychology researcher … the goal is to illuminate the world, NOT add more darkness to it.



p.s… every time I use a Pixel pic … the photographer gets paid … so I’ll use them often.

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