Confident or Conceited ?

Yesterday, I watched a TikTok/Instagram of a young Professor who loves to spout rhetoric to “take someone down” with his smart words.

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Sure, I should use the $.25 words ’cause that’s what he does. He must have spent his entire life memorizing the dictionary and joined the debate club when he was in elementary school. Very impressive stuff.

I do enjoy listening to his assertive bite size lectures on how to win arguments, except …. he targeted a woman who was clearly his linguistic inferior.

She was trying to use what she had to defend herself, but she appeared to be less fortunate in appearance, and in her lexicon.

This young hot shot Professor often takes on big name influencers like a misogynistic, bigoted professor from Canada who seems to have a cult following.

For that, he’s doing a service to those of us who are offended by that arrogant ass hat cult leader in the psychology field.

But to go after an uneducated, less articulate lady just for sport?

He was punching down.

Never punch down.

That’s not condescending when used correctly. This young fresh mouthed brat of a kid (he’s maybe 25-27 and a NEW PhD) …. KNOWS he could out talk this woman who clearly … didn’t have what he had but … she did have a TikTok channel.

If you’re a full tenured Professor ~ stay in your lane and if you want to attack someone … do so with your peers (academics LOVE to be the smartest person in the room, except for the smartest person in the room who always stays humble and aware enough to not argue with anyone).

If you’re fist fighting your way through an argument to “prove” that you are king of the hill, you are most likely not at all king, but instead, a really angry and super insecure gesture who has had to fight to be heard your whole life.

Confident people who are aware of themselves don’t try too hard to prove their worth. They simply exist in their world, competing only with themselves.

Those are the fun people to follow on social media. The truly confident who have something to say about what they’ve learned over dishing dirt about how superior they are.

You do you BooBoo, but … if you want to be respected in any industry … don’t punch down.

In other words, you don’t take a swing at someone who is less advanced on the path of life. That’s just bad manners and weak conceit.

If you’re happy with yourself by showing up a person less fortunate than yourself … you have some things to work on.



House of Henry Healing is in the process of cultivating a life that is meaningful and whole. All others who take, rather than give, will be deleted from view. Time is precious ~ don’t waste it on things that are not joyful.

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