Did you ever … Give yourself grace? Or, an assistant?

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I write, focus on and celebrate the ordinary people out there who are doing it themselves. I’m baffled by the fame of some people ~ the Car-Dash-Ians for one, who are so celebrated. They have assistants for every damn thing. They leverage everything, including their own children and bodies, to make money. They aren’t special. They are a marketing team.

Leaders don’t rule the world ~ their assistants do!

Did you ever wish you had what celebrities and bouche people had just so you could follow your passion?

Hire an Assistant

You know, someone to call those 800 numbers when your tech or online orders aren’t working. The ones that force you to interact with a robot ’cause they claim to “care about your call” but then put you on hold for hours … jarring you out of your trance every so often to remind you that you called.

Then, when you FINALLY get to a human being, they are overwhelmed and tired, so say, “This is a;ldfjkjsdkofhijdnfjhfkhttjkthe, agent #1936541334uyriwpoop, how can I help you?” BUT, you were in a trance, forgot what you called them about and are left simpering or scrambling to remember. Not fast enough ’cause they also always get impatient with you as if you were on line to meet the Queen of England, and they didn’t have time for someone who didn’t have their shit together on command.

Give yourself grace!

You were on hold for so long, you missed a meal, needed a potty break and had to put a post it in front of you to remember who you were by the time you actually reached someone.

Is that EVERY company right now, or just the big phone, internet, energy and insurance companies?

You know the ones. Where the agent answering the phone is making just enough to almost pay rent, but the CEO’s are getting buy-out bonuses of so many millions of dollars, you can’t even fathom it?

Then, there are the super wealthy who hire one nanny per child to entertain said child so they can take their afternoon tennis lessons followed by mid-day cocktails at the club while the nannies teach Jr. three languages and how not to live a lonely, loveless life but they are prepared for the Ivy League by the time they are five.

In truth?

Hire an Assistant

A great piece of wisdom that one of the many online money guru’s offered was, when you make your first $100,000 a year, invest in hiring an assistant for $20,000-$30,000 to work for you. You’re investing in your own time by giving all those annoying business calls, mailings, emails, and newsletters to someone else to free up your own time for creative stuff.

This is for small business owners.

Now, being someone who once worked for $20-$30K a year working full time as a solo mom while going to grad. school full time …. I’d say, everything that assistant can do for you can be done in 3-4 days a week. When you make more, pay them more.

Plus, they can also multitask in ways you can’t even comprehend. So? Only ask them to work 3-4 days a week OR< allow them more than one client at a time so they too, are making a living wage. They can play with your kid or walk your dog right along with other kids and other dogs.

Everyone’s happy!

You get your creative time.

Your assistant is making a living wage, not just a survivalists’ wage.

You never have to be treated as an unworthy outcast or tech-shamed by a 25 year old who will make boomer jokes on TikTok again (or worse, karen jokes).

We can’t change the world, but we can change how we respond to the world.

We can level up, then invest in ourselves. Hire a service. If you can budget $5,000 a year, find someone (I’m all for personal assistants) willing to do the boring stuff for you. There are a ton of them out there. UpWork or Fivrr are two examples.

I’m a fan of anyone who works in a job that treats you with kindness, gets your unhappy jobs done for you and … they get to also thrive in their own business.

Just … BE NICE TO THEM. They are providing you with a convenience. NOT to be your servant. They are not there to take your abuse or advances or even your verbal attacks.

Don’t micromanage them.

Be nice!

If they take advantage of you, fire them or quit (whatever the arrangement is). Walk away. If you have a contract, then write that clause in. Be nice about it. Expect the same in return.

Then, count your blessings that you have enough to hire someone in the first place. NOBODY wants to be on those god awful 800-number waiting lines. Nobody.

Always remember and never forget though … my wallflower friends …. YOU don’t deserve to be treated with abuse BY those 800 # customer service people either. Their job is stressful. It’s no excuse to be abused by them.

Life philosophy gif

Life is not supposed to be hard!

(It took me a long time to hear that, let alone believe it). Did you know this? I didn’t know this.

When you follow your passion, you probably need support. IF you are doing it alone, be your own best friend and support. If someone does something shady, kick ’em to the curb. One chance. Trauma survivors are going to lean into this reality check differently. Their brain has literally changed.

Give yourself grace. You will be happier in the long run.

Here’s to your smooth day being effortless!




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