Is it even possible to stay out of it?

The ethics, morality and corruption of so many people, doing unspeakable things to our laws, our rights, and our religions ~ how do we stay out of it?

Not for complacency, ’cause there will be people who will scream at you for staying silent too. They have no idea that they are part of the problem.

People who leave nasty comments for sport. Some are downright abusive, downright vulgar and gross. Abusive people think they’re funny.

There are a LOT of abusive people in our world.

The level of anxiety is sky high.

Everything is a decision and a choice.

Staying out of it ~ all of it ~ can also save the mental health of the person who stays off the internet.

Something to think about today as we navigate the perils of the public eye ~

google image of that girl we all wish we had the courage to be, boots WERE made for walking. That’s just what they do. One of these days, these boots are gonna …. well, you know the song.


And yes. it IS possible to get out of the incessant online arguing that seems to add more misery than mystery or meaning.



@Inkhoneypub & @Ink1925 is creating, crafting and curating curiosity at the moment.

Oliver Wolf Foster ~ the cat who rescued the human

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